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illifecib : Where can I advertise it on-line for free?

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Geannaicelype :
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UglyLloydlty : Must have the following:

1. at least 3 tiers
2. Paid per sale (fixed value or % set by me) Each tier must have different PPS values.
3. only basic functions for affiliates ie. text referral link and ability to see how many successful sales they have referred.
4. Mass payment option for paypal.

Affiliates would be marketing membership for the affiliate network, and receive cuts of the membership fee depending on the tier of the new member.
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FliesDigGense : What are the Market Trends in UK as in tourism? could anyone one help...
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harbour3730 : Hey I am currently at a community college. I really want to when I graduate work in the advertising business. I was wondering if a psychology or business with a concentration in marketing is better to get
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AntetaMap : I might be going to New York City from Vegas. I might be bringing two little girls, and want to know if U.S. Airlines is safe.
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thurgyFug : US Airways is safe. (All US airlines are safe.)
It is a crappy airline though, and I'm sorry you're flying them ... especially with children.

Not that there's actually a GOOD US airline ... but US Airways is one of the worst.
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teexarige : It is a very safe airline
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Dopsgroolla : Nothing is safe anymore.
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brertrileax : Most first world airlines are safe and get people to where they go to, but from my aunty's experiance on United Airlines (which I think merged with US Airways) 15 years ago, United and US sound like absolute jokes of first world airlines. My aunty said the airline was terrible, plane terrible noisy and bad, terrible customer service, terrible seating, and terrible tasting food. She would feel sorry for you!
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