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Louisepolia1999 :

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Reommodeswaks : I am in thr process of opening my own business purely based from home and online. I wish to sell packages for say 1000 , 3500 and 5000. What I can do is create a website, have thousands of business cards and flyers, facebook page with likes and a years paid ads, twitter account , video for youtube etc you get the idea. The flyers will have premade stickers with the mailing adresses on them to the citizens in their area etc all they have to do is pay for postage and ship them. Is this a good Idea ? All I will have is a website , no store what do I need to make this happen?
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DapoXetine : There are plenty of courses out there on selling services to local or offline businesses that will detail what actually works for the author, theses might save you a lot of effort. I thiunk you will find that businesses are aproached by people offering such packages all the time. Being able to sell clients on your services involves a demonstration of real insight into their business and the advertising landscape.

I would offer more specific single services at first, some offer to create Google Places pages for free just to get their foot in the door. Unless you are an expert copywriter, you might just leave the flyers to the specialists, there are services that will do the personalized printing, while sorting pieces by postal codes in order to get lower postage costs. Their automation equipment provides low costs you might not be able to compete with.
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Pitiarliawn : I don't mean word of mouth, i mean simply having a good reputation as a business. Is it a form of advertising?
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fodazi : There's an online social marketing industry that effective relies on word of mouth and individual opinions as "social proof" of their product's value.

Some gorilla marketing methods are said to involve sending young people into bars, etc. to just talk about a product to help increase it's buzz.

The dark side of reputation: There are online Reputation Management businesses who get negative mentions either removed or buried by a greater number of positive mentions.
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Autobromix : Google offers AdSense for websites to generate Ad revenue. Does Yahoo offer something similar?
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bouhambiffKib : Hello, I'm looking for a little help finding a the right train ticket to purchase for my travels from Venice to Rome in the near future. I was given a website I should use to buy the ticket but I'm having a little difficulty knowing which train/station I should purchase from/to.

This is the site that was given to me to purchase the ticket...

I'm open to other sites if you feel there is a better option.

And these are the hotels I am staying at, so you know the locations that would be best for the trains.


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mbtskosalg : As far as your journey to Rome is concerned, you can use this new train Company too
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DapoXetine : Why stay in a big ugly impersonal chain, when you can stay at smaller, nicer, friendlier places for the same money? Try for all kinds of accommodation.
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Yopemrlde : Venice is the Queen of the Adriatic. Prepare yourself and save time while you visit this romantic city. A lot of useful tips, information, and accommodation units
If you are fond of Shopping find some interesting details and places
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