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victoriajannyQ : I want to sell some old x-box games and movies that I don't want anymore on ebay, but I'm confused. I've never used ebay before.

My Questions:

1. How much does it cost to advertise an item?
2. Does the seller or the buyer pay for shipping? How much is shipping?
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Neenstookem : Hi,
generally Ebay charges are depend upon the category and product.generally they charge for insertion fee and final value fee and promotion fee.
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hamyarragma : Hi all, preparing strategy marketing exam like get some opinion from you all. I need advise some cases on services marketing and consumer analysis with compare across market.
How I going to do on competitive analysis, positioning, differentiation and competitive advantages

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tmisuextp : Hello Guys,

I have a problem with regards to the submission of the ads to Im from the Philippines and I have a client in the US. Im going to submit the ads into US places BUT Im here in the Philippines.

I got some problem because if I post the ads in the US while Im here in the PH, it doesn't work. Do you have any idea how can I successfully place the ads in US places while Im doing it here in the Philippines.

Please share your thoughts guys.

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Noxynerromo : I know MACRO is PEST factors, but what about MICRO?

Please can anyone explain?

Much Appreciated, Thank you
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DjoMalyshev : Ok we are a family of 6 looking into going to europe. Going to Venice is a must and going somewhere in france is also a must. The problem is we are on a very tight budget we only want to spend at estimate 5,000$. We are from NY and everytime we try pricing it out it comes out to 30,000! Is their a more economical way of doing things???
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xseooneku : I don't think this is possible for $5000 for a family of six. Just the airfare alone is likely to be most of or more than your $5000 and Venice is about the most expensive place to visit in Venice.

Prices will depend on the ages of your kids (assuming you're not all adults), exactly when you visit, how long you stay, the accommodations you use and what you see/do/eat. People who backpack around Europe generally can get by for $100 per day staying in cheap hostels and carefully watching their budget (not including airfare). However, if you stay in hotels, it will cost you more. I usually spend 100 to 150 euro a night for a hotel. Prices really depend on exactly where you come from, when you visit, how you get around and what you see/do/eat.

Here are some resources that can help you plan and check options and current prices for your trip (expect prices in the future to rise): - airfares & hotels; the explore function is useful for finding the less expensive places to fly into from your starting point. Tuscany is an entire region, not a town. The most convenient airports to fly into will be Pisa or Florence, but Rome or Bologna are also reasonable options. - particularly good for budget flights within Europe, but you can also use everywhere as a destination to do something like the explore option on Kayak. You may not need the airfares, but you can compare to the cost of the trains to get around. this one may be more useful for you. Palermo is a long trip by train, Naples to Palermo is one leg of the trip where you might consider flying. . This includes a huge amount of information on train travel throughout Europe - much more than there is room for in an answer here. The site has links to the various national train websites where you can find schedules and prices for trains. It also includes detailed descriptions of railpasses. This will tell you how to determine whether a railpass is worth the money for your trip (in Italy where I live railpasses are almost never worth the cost), which railpass to get, and how to use the railpass. There's also information on what to avoid in particular places. - You can get discounts on the fast Italian trains and the night train from Venice to Dijon/Paris for purchasing in advance You could also take the slower regional trains for less, but that adds a lot of travel time and may require multiple train changes. The standard fare for a berth oin a 6 bed cuchette is 100 euro for adults and 70 euro for children. However, if you book early enough to get the discounted "smart" fare, you could get the same accommodations for 35 euro per person. This is a very popular rouyte and the train often sells out quickly.

Driving can be expensive; fuel prices, tolls and parking all add up, but it can become cost effective for groups. Your problem is that it's expensive to pick up a car in Italy and drop it off in France. You wouldn't need a car until you leave Venice though. You can check sites like Avis, Europcar, Sixt, etc, for your specific rental cost. Picking up in one country and dropping off in another can be very expensive. You can get driving distances and estimates fuel and toll costs on viamichelin: .
. - hotels/B&Bs - prices for the same hotel can vary hugely depending on the season and what local events are going on. It will be cheaper to stay on one of the outer islands and take a vaporetto into the main part of Venice or to stay on the mainland in Mestre and take a bus/train between your hotel and Venice. - hostels. - monasteries & convents that offer accommodations

You can also look into camping or couch surfing as cheaper alternatives for accommodations. There are campgrounds on Lido di Jesolo on the mainland.… - festivals, exhibitions and events - information & advice

For sightseeing prices: check the websites for entrance fees for the museums & galleries you're interested in. I spend anywhere between nothing and 40 euro a day depending on exactly what I go to see when out exploring. For food, I spend around 25 to 50 euro for a meal, but you can eat for less. A pizza is 8 to 13 euro and a panino or wrap is around 3 to 6.50 euro in many places. You can often get food at festivals at a relatively low price. You can also shop in the markets and put some meals together for yourselves.When I travel, I like to try the local specialties and the good restaurants. Shopping depends entirely on you.
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esyez003 : You aren't going anywhere in Europe with a family of six and $5000, least of all both France and Italy.
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SnLincoln : Yes, there are a couple of things you can do to keep prices down. Firstly get international membership cards for Youth Hostels. The other thing that works in some countries, including the UK and Eire, is to stay at university halls of residence (dorms) and do your own cooking. I stay at Cairncross House, Glasgow University, for example, which is very close to the museums, including several on campus, as well as being within walking distance of the city centre.

Travel can be very expensive so make the most of season tickets such as Inter-Rail. In the UK try to avoid trains except for local journeys unless you book your tickets in advance via one of the main websites such as Cross Country Trains or The Train Line and be prepared to vary your journey or accept an alternative destination that's close by then take a bus the rest of the way. The National Express coach company runs most of the inter-city coaches, which can be very good value if you don't mind what time of day you travel. Set up accounts on line with train and coach booking websites to get the best value. This may apply also to other countries' rail services such as the SNCF in France. Lastly, avoid staying in the centre of any major city unless you stay in a youth hostel or dorm.
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