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StoomyTog : We have recently launched a new website which offers financial rewards for posting content.

It is a huge twist on the hobby of millions of Internet users but the problem comes with marketing such a concept.

The majority of people switch off at a whiff of "free money" so I would like to ask for any advice in spreading the word about such an idea.

We are offering £100 every week to one random member who has interacted enough to become eligible, this is easily obtainable within a week so the potential rewards are huge, and all for just sharing our content and interacting with our community.

We are even offering free membership if you register before our 2nd January launch date, after which we will be requiring a small £5 per year subscription.

That's all the cards on the table, just need a little help here.

Here with open ears.


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envivekes : Thats because you are just another scam and everyone knows it , ;)
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dyelommaccelp : Is there a program, preferably free, where I can have all my business marketing strategies in one place? I use Google analytics and business tools, but having to go to a million different places and log in is time consuming! Is there somehow I can keep track of everything in one spot?
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vdkm6b18 : Hello everyone,

I just posted an ad on Craigslist using a phone verified account. It is showing me that my ad has been posted. It shows 2 options (Edit, Delete Ad) & a link to my Ad. when I click on the link, I can see my add with all the information which I put. It looks just like other normal craigslist ads, but when I switch back to the category list & try to find it, I can't find it there.

Please tell me, how can I see my ad in the category list?

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slospaphoro : Professional ad posters user the term "Ghosting" to describe ads not being displayed, it appears to be one of the Craiglist responses to suspicious ads or activity, mainly posting multiple ads, possible in multiple cities.

You gave no indication of such activities...if it's your first ad perhaps something was overlooked.

A Google search for some unique like out of the ad may also locate an ad in some cases.
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usereemyprods :
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FLUENCECOVELD : This should be explained at length in the marketing textbook you are likely trying to get out of reading.
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creecurry : are malaysians better off than thais in general. are malaysians better off than thais in general
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focasinome : Why should there being a comparison between the two countries? Each have different administration policy and philosophy of life, so we can't be sure about that. Maybe we think we're better than them, but Thais also can think they're better off than us. It depends on the individual views, and each of us have different views over one ideas. To me, yes Malaysia is better.
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IsombDumNub : Better off in what way?

they may be richer and more worldly, but happier, not likely.
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