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Allolacib : I have a Coca-Cola C2 Advertising Banner that I don't know much about. I'd like to know about how many of them were made, but any information about it would help. I have posted a picture of the advertising banner at:

You can give information here, in Yahoo Answers, or leave a comment under the photo.
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IrredsPruri : I just read 2 articles about Dr Pepper 10.

I was scurious as to what your opinions are... like is Dr Pepper serious or was it a dumb joke that no one got?
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enurmouse : I'm a 48 year old man and even though it's not a joke by the company it is by the common man. I drink DP because I like it. It has nothing to do with manhood but, getting all nerved up because it is targeted at men is just silly. Gee I guess I should get mad about lipstick and other products being targeted for women......"Tab" in the old days. Find somthing real to complain about for crying out loud.
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RichardDR : I am planning to purchase an ad through Superior Marketing Group, Please Advise.
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kneerceskeway : an original xbox,+1 controller,
a nintendo ds lite+charger
a psp (no charger)
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Veilepype : I am going to Cali for two weeks in the summer and can't wait! what is the average price I should know about for the whole holiday including car rentals, flights, foods, hotels, and spare money for fun?? I was hoping to look around the Hollywood area too but going around the whole area will be great thanks :)
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Halliepaolo44 : get ready to spend 2000 +
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blepulkencume : You need to use a travel or airline website to price flights, car hire, and accommodation.

For example: (click on Vacation Packages)

Every attraction has a website that lists costs. Remember to budget for parking.

Budget US$50 per day per person for ordinary meals and minor incidental expenses.


Citizens of about 35 countries can travel to the USA for up to 90 days at a time as a tourist or for some business purposes by registering for ESTA > before < their trip begins. The cost is US$14, which is similar to the fee for the Australian ETA program.

Registering is accomplished online, you don't need the details of your trip, and the confirmation is valid for multiple trips to the USA over two (2) years so don't wait until the last minute.

Print the confirmation - or at least record the number - and keep the information with your passport. Having a return or onward ticket leaving North America is a requirement, so have a copy of your airline itinerary at passport control.

If someday you plan a long visit to the USA then DON'T schedule your departure day for the 90th day (any part of a day in the USA counts as a whole day, so if you arrive at 23:59h on the 1st and leave at 00:01h on the 10th it is 10 days in the USA). Schedule your departure not later than the 88th day as there are no (zero) provisions in the Visa Waiver Program for someone to voluntarily extend their stay. If you miss your flight due to something Immigration might consider avoidable (ex. flat tire on the way to the airport) they may ban you from using the VWP in the future.

Check with your health insurance to find out if it covers you in the USA and pays for medical evacuation to home (should that be necessary). If yes then take proof of coverage with you. If no or not sure then get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agents. The USA has wonderful medical care but it isn't free or even cheap. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don't have medical insurance. This is a link from the US government, but the info is good for anyone traveling outside their home country:
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5secondhandmobiless : PLEASE do NOT call our state "Cali." Cali is a drug cartel city in Columbia, South America, and many of us find that term insulting. Saying Cali is like tattooing the word "Tourist" on your forehead. Just because some geographically challenged rapper used it in a "song" and non-residents started using the term doesn't mean it's correct.

If you are going to Southern California call it So Cal.
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