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WenBahefforne : O.k this doesn't mean i expect to jump into a job and start raking in the cash. What I'm asking is everything from what to study and then obviously how to get the cash. I'm an extremely creative problem solver and would love to stand in the creative department with the creative director. Thanks for all your answers!

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intuiciog : Read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Great ideas on setting up good ad campaigns using Google. You can set up a test run with little funds that should produce results quickly, and help you define a plan to receive good penetration.
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JanoNease : I have adsense on my website and it has several adverts on each page and makes me a good bit of money. But are there any sites that are better? I've heard affiliate programs are a good way of making more money but I don't think my site gets enough treffic for it to benefite really.
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Raladrorrurne : There is an email tracking client that comes with the purchase of a marketing video. It allows a person to track how many times a specific link was forwarded from within an email, (possibly who it was forwarded to, I am not sure), and also sends you email notifications whenever someone watches the video link in the email up to a certain point (such as 1 minute). It has tracking and statistic information available as well.

I know that some of these features may be available through programs such as Google Analytics or G-Lock Analytics, but I am not sure if all of the features I listed above are available through them as well. Does anyone know of any particular software or sites that may include all of the features I listed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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anteftAntitle : read about it here
open the second and forth brown link
there on right side for detail info
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kartonnik : how can i post my feed to free directory for my sites marketing?
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buy neopoints : Hi, my family and I will be taking a trip down to the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area. I am afraid at the airport I cant bring ibuprofen or Advil(is that true, ive only been on a plane twice and that was short) and I get hurt easily and a lot. Im sorry if this is a stupid question but do they have one in that area? Thank you.
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pounseInsug : yes there is a Wal-Mart just 3 min away from the airport and there are several across the country so don't worry
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likelucyru : You can bring as much of any medicine you want. TSA does not care. There are no rules against bringing medicine. If you needed to buy them and there was not a Walmart nearby, you could go to a pharmacy. In Latin America...the common name for Trylenol is Parecetamol. You do not need a perscription and can buy it cheaply at any pharmacy.
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Tevyemalm : You can bring in ibuprofen or advil without a problem. There are several walmarts in San Jose metro area but not in Quepos/Manuel Antonio but you can can advil in any drugstore (and there are several in Quepos if you forget).
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