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PluBpseupebug : i have to advertise my advertising company for english. i have to do a 5 minute presentation on why our company is the best to go with to advertise our product... please help.

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Dokycoort : you can find it in tools on this website
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Biaralitalp : The same way you would any other company. The company would need to have a specifically designed marketing mix, incorporating a cohesive marketing communications mix of: personal selling, advertising, sales promotion and marketing public relations (MPR).
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Entethync :
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DevyDywob : none.
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jqo8z53fe : basic automated google ads can pay anywhere between 1 cent to $3 per click
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wattplailky : I have got a project on customer management system of a bank but cannot figure it out that what exactly is the work of the marketing team and the customer support team...It will be very useful if someone can throw some light on these subjects..
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csyez016 : Best question of the day
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advoloSailm : I have already did the basic advertising...facebook, blog, articles, news presses, forums, search engine submissions, classified ad sites, paid advertising through google and facebook....i'm still not getting much traffic to my site.. maybe 20 a day if that. any other good advertising ideas for a website? preferrably free..

moebow . com is my site , thanks.
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napTynccreecy : It is not very cheap to ship these days from US to Europe.
I used to use the US post office, called ground shipping, would go ground to the east coast of the US then by ship overseas, then ground again. Took anywhere from 6 weeks to 10 weeks to arrive.
I did this with several 25 lbs. boxes for several years.
The service is not longer available, not sure why not, no more ground shipping at the old price, now everything is mailed and arrives within a week to 10 days.
Used to cost around $1.50 a lbs.
Now they do not allow heavy 25 lbs. boxes.
I still think using the US post office is cheaper then using UPS, they are really pricey.
Go on line to check out the rates and what is required to mail with US post office.
We sort of figured out if we were going overseas ourselves it worked o
ut to be cheaper to just pay for an extra bag at the airport then to use a shipper.
We just shipped 12 large boxes from NV to Hungary, we used a shipper that was an independent. check them out on line as well. Some are cheaper then other but even though we found a great rate and used that co. they only shipped to the first boarder, we got surprised in HU when we were again charged another $600. for trucking from port to Budapest.
Be sure to ask exactly all the details, if they delivery to the house or apt. or if you have to pay extra for storing and trucking.
We moved overseas but now know we might of been better off if we had just bought new things here rather then going through the hassle of shipping and customs.
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