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koaggezhhfxo : marketing strategy consulting services.

do you think it's a good name ?

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Faceblate : Red Grenade?

Sounds like the name of a superhero's arch-nemesis.
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illifecib : Where can I advertise it on-line for free?
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Geannaicelype :
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UCMatthew :
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Peawbasledefe2007 : To answer your question, Market specialization targeting is basically defined as:

1. Having a product/service that is aimed for a given market, such as kids under 10, teenagers, young adults or senior citizens.

2. Targeting your marketing efforts where you are then able to get your product/service in front of the most customers who would be interested in whatever you're selling.

Hope that helps?
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uphoxottose : I just want to know two things. First of all, how does a company possibly make enough money to pay a bunch of people 7-xx an hour to sit there all day and just pretend that you dont want to shoot yourself and everyone in your office who has a high pitched voice? Furthermore, how can you justify (financially or morally) the the amount of people you can irritate in a day.

Basically, you are waiting on your LOA (the one stupid person out of x called) which is horrible for this particular type of marketing; like 1/100, or sometimes 1/300 or higher. Also, half of those stupid people will either recant, or exhibit buyers remorse which is just more negative word of mouth in addition to that resulting from your company being associated with "the annoying lady that called me last week".

Randomly calling people, especially during business hours just tends to make people mad, and then it doesn't matter what you say; you can have the best attitute possible and a product people really can use or should use even, (which is like heaven for most occupations in sales/marketing). You will still be lucky to even make it through your pitch to attempt a close; 2nd attempts and reclosings are prohibited by all the stupid disclaimer crap you will have to get the person to endure to even get this far anyways.

If wal-mart started calling me asking me to come buy stuff "right now!", I would have my number removed from their list and start shopping elsewhere. I do let them email me though, because they asked me first.
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esyez003 : My laptop
tablet plus the chargers also
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kedduadwaytum : Yeah they're fine to bring through security and in a case but don't use any on the airplane until you're allowed!
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jeneIncizeped : Wow! Those are a lot of electronics! I've taken all of those things to the airport, so you can too. I'm sure you won't be bored at all waiting for your flight!

Enjoy you trip!
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