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Xenanicovan :

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lconnorq : Hi
I have tried completely different distinct advertising networks.Some due to high loading time have maimed my website,Some due to low payment have dissatisfied me.I heard from one of my friends that TRIBAL FUSION as click per mile networks has the highest payment among all.But whatever I searched on the internet to find out what Kind of languages it supports(as i have a multi language website)I didn't find any answer on the whole internet,SO please,Does anybody have a complete list of the supported languages by TRIBAL FUSION?
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EricRU : I wish to advertise my skills to local builders in Coventry
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anogeneInsals : I need to have ways to improve this company. I need good ideas on what I should do for a company. Most suggestions are welcomed. This is a college course by the way (and no I'm not becoming a marketing major)
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xseooneku : What time [London time] would you arrive at the airport if you left at 6 p.m. EST? And if the flight was about 12 hours.
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anowslawFlave : Eastern time is five hours behind London time, possible shifted by an hour if Daylight Savings Time happens to change on different dates.

Flights from the Eastern U.S. to Western Europe do not generally take 12 hours unless you had a stop on the way.

If you check the airline website for the flight, it would tell you the local times for departure and arrival, and the flight duration.
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AsymnKen : Check your ticket or the airline website
All times are local.
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