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rafaelcnilssono : i work hard, try hard. still, the income is low and getting worse. i could switch jobs, but lose a lot of built up growth i have in my current occupation. disabilities also limit me. can i find a way to add extra income? if so, how? don't send me silly job ads, please!

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SwonMentsMece : More hours worked. More overtime. More money taken for taxes. Less income.
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Aripooh0013 : Just keep working hard, climb the ladder, Hard work is always recognized in the end.
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EleneLymncype : What about working smart Will..
Working from home is possible if you find a legit one..
The site below offers free gifts of how anyone can set up successfully online..
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Savannah_Hawaii : what value is "built up growth" when the income is low & getting worse?

built up growth should bring increased income & more opportunity or it's worthless. If it isn't doing that then it sounds like the business is sinking fast & you're working at the wrong job.

time to move on to a better paying job. take your experience from your current job & apply it to a new job within your same occupation. You say you can switch jobs then do so. your disabilities may limit you but they aren't preventing you from working in your current job, so move to a different employer in your present field who will pay you better.

Good Luck.,
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Louisepolia1999 :
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Chesforse : Hi I Own but works also. It is a online job board site that is dedicated for people who are tired of getting spammed on Craigslist or they simply just dont want to pay 300 dollars to list their job on monster. I Would like to know how I should go about advertising my website to people who are hiring. In a magical world I would like to take the people who advertise on Craigslist and put them on my site.. But I understand that thats not going to happen fast just like that. So what are your opinions ?
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swonArodo :
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itatuilmelf : Marketing mix covers the whole spectrum - product, price, promotion and place etc - promotion just covers that one aspect of promoting your product/service - so could be simply online or offline or advertising or direct mail, catalogues etc and focues on that not on the other areas.
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Bbnolermef : It's such a bummer when I need to do my international affairs... Seriously, why??
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