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Cobfetattaima : i was doing some research and came across this. I thought this was legit until they asked me to send a advertisement specialist washington. They claimed they had reps in my area to put on the vinyl decal, but i questioned the why am i sending money to washington and they ignored my question.

Please view this IS just another money order scam. BE WARE!!

For those who cannot view:

''Hi was recently contacted by a company who were looking for people to carry their advert on their vehicles. A slight red flag went off when they stated that I would receive two money orders. I was instructed to keep my payment ($400) and send the rest of the money ($1560) to New Mexico where the technician is trying to get the materials for the advert. I just want to know if this is the common process as to placing car wraps on vehicles? I am concerned because this sounds very familiar to a checking scam that I was previously made aware of. If you can assist me with the information needed to verify this information it would be greatly appreciated.

''This is absolutely a scam. What will happen is that you will receive two money orders that appear real, but have been forged. Your bank will initially accept them and you will send the $1560 on while keeping the $400. Then a few days later you will receive a notice from your bank saying that the money orders were fake and the $1960 will be deducted from your account. Since you have already sent the $1560, there is no way for you to recover it.''
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GuttwersBeefs : Well, yes, of course it's a scam.

Did you have a question for us?
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victoriajannyQ : I want to sell some old x-box games and movies that I don't want anymore on ebay, but I'm confused. I've never used ebay before.

My Questions:

1. How much does it cost to advertise an item?
2. Does the seller or the buyer pay for shipping? How much is shipping?
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Neenstookem : Hi,
generally Ebay charges are depend upon the category and product.generally they charge for insertion fee and final value fee and promotion fee.
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laasathkaqasa : i have a huge social site that it'll be opened soon and i want to make outdoors advertisements with cool ideas any one can help me ?
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CliemoGlomi : Depends on your theme and your local. If it is multi-city or what. create clever signage that you place in peoples yards or in approved public places, can be a bit of a mystery as the pop up all over then you can follow with online and/or other advertising such as bill boards that tell people what the signs are all about.

Deborah -

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Sleeryrub : 1. Billboards at roadside
2. Press releases
3. Campaign at social networking sites
4. Email marketing
5. Google adwords
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Toomadyettasy : It really all depends on your budget.

If your budget is of about $10, then I would make up a flyer on your computer, print it out(then get it copied, or print out more) and post them on various message boards.

A lot of little restaurants have them.

If your budget is much more, contact a marketing firm. They will do free meetings to talk about what they have in mind for you to do, etc. You can take that advice and do it on your own, or pay them to let them do the work for you.
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Inettyday :
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Quewduetsaw : adapting the marketing strategy towards the consumers, targeted through different criteria.
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