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igorisbar : why dont airliners use the sides of thier aircraft to rent advertising space to other companies , which would allow them to reduce prices for passengers and also make money from the ads...?????
I know planes spend alot of time in the air, but they also spend a cosiderable amount of time on the ground as well, that, combined with the use of the sky mall catalouge would seem to me to be a real way to improve sales for who ever saw them... first they see the ad on the plane when boarding, then see the product while theres nothing else to do during the flight.. Hmmmm

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FemalePink : Who would see the ads at 36,000 feet? And ads would be nearly as useless on the runway.
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StoomyTog : We have recently launched a new website which offers financial rewards for posting content.

It is a huge twist on the hobby of millions of Internet users but the problem comes with marketing such a concept.

The majority of people switch off at a whiff of "free money" so I would like to ask for any advice in spreading the word about such an idea.

We are offering £100 every week to one random member who has interacted enough to become eligible, this is easily obtainable within a week so the potential rewards are huge, and all for just sharing our content and interacting with our community.

We are even offering free membership if you register before our 2nd January launch date, after which we will be requiring a small £5 per year subscription.

That's all the cards on the table, just need a little help here.

Here with open ears.

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envivekes : Thats because you are just another scam and everyone knows it , ;)
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skekwoopy :
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cannonf : Make money online with the 10 key article topics used to sell weekly and monthly print magazines. You can build on these 10 topics as part of a successful Internet marketing strategy. There are certain article topics which are best-sellers. These best-selling article topics also enjoy seasonal spikes in their popularity. You can find these 10 always popular article topics while standing in line at the grocery store.
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phapticiets : I cannot upload ftp to my domain because I use Website Tonight at and I would like to place a forum into my website through an inline frame or simplly link to it. I would like one that is affordable that I can install my own Google ads onto.
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Conk525nfV : 4moms,

WebSite Tonight comes with the ability to add a forum to your site. If you've looked at what WebSite Tonight offers and it's not what you're looking for, our hosting plans feature Hosting Connection which feature applications such as phpBB and Simple Machines Forum. Our Support Team is available 24x7 and can help you with options. Their information is located at


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Tevyemalm : map
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Jeojeryceby : here are some lnks. they may be redundant, but if a link won't work from where you are, i hope another will!
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