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suigicagriels : Me and my friend want to advertise.

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onlinepppharmacy : What about facebook ads.. or fan pages..
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Gromisilsss : Bill boards for free
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nunkCurpittee : Where your ads will be seen (and you can afford to place them).
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Allolacib : I have a Coca-Cola C2 Advertising Banner that I don't know much about. I'd like to know about how many of them were made, but any information about it would help. I have posted a picture of the advertising banner at:

You can give information here, in Yahoo Answers, or leave a comment under the photo.
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likelucyru : I am looking for a reliable company's serious online survey. On "money for opinion" base, possible focusing on advertising field. Any professional suggestions?

Not interested on "offer after registration fee", please.
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Tourcenpeno :
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reteAmeli : tell what suitable my site my site onday visiting 500
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Lawsapekpieks : I'm really confused about this importing thing and bringing a dog into a plane with me. in a couple of months i will be re uniting with my border collie who i had to leave behind in the philippines when she was only 2 months old. and by the time i meet her again she'll be 1 year and 2 months old. and hopefully this time i will be able to bring her back with me.

but the problem is, i dont know what to do, i've searched google over 2 months and still dont get the process of importing. what do i need to bring my dog from philippines to canada?

i know that she needs to be vaccinated for rabies and a certifacte clarifying that she has gotten the shot.but thats about it.

What do i need for her to bring on a plane?
what do i need to get her through secruity at the airport?
what do i do when i arrive at my home terminal?
what do i need to import her?
are there any special forms i need to sign?
any permits i need? if so where do i get a permit?
do i need to do anything before i can bring her to canada?

Please help?! i really wanna to bring her home this time (failed to bring her home last time because i didnt know what to do and how to do it.)
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rdrpxlnlne : It's very simple to import a pet dog to Canada. And all you need to know about what Canada requires is here:

That website answers all your questions except the first three. Read it. There is no use me telling you the same stuff that's on that website. If you don't understand what it says there, you won't understand any better if I write it out.

As far as the other questions go:
1) Ask the airline. They all have their own requirements.
2) Nothing, because the dog is not going to go through security. She is too big to go in the cabin with you unless she is the world's smallest border collie, so she will fly in the cargo area. You go to the airline check-in counter with the dog and her travel crate and they will take the dog from there.
3) Do you mean when you arrive at your destination? You go to a baggage area and wait for the dog to be brought to you by airline staff. If you don't know where to go, ask someone at the airline.
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