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child1sm-- : ok so me and my friend have a prank club and we need more members but we dont know how so how could we advertise that is free and easy we already have our own website and blog but that didn't really help us get any members thanks any answers would be apriciated:D

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bertiefeleciau : Perhaps nobody wants to join - sounds as if you are a couple of rather silly children!
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Abinicambicus : I am her friend :D Anyway, I think my question might help you lol
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WenBahefforne : O.k this doesn't mean i expect to jump into a job and start raking in the cash. What I'm asking is everything from what to study and then obviously how to get the cash. I'm an extremely creative problem solver and would love to stand in the creative department with the creative director. Thanks for all your answers!
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intuiciog : Read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Great ideas on setting up good ad campaigns using Google. You can set up a test run with little funds that should produce results quickly, and help you define a plan to receive good penetration.
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Higinhinocumn :
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camarok : There are countless ad networks one can join, providing the site meets their quality and traffic requirements. Google Adsense is easy to join, some sites take a long while to earn Google's min $100 payout. Higher traffic sites can rent banner space through private arrangement with advertisers who approach the webmaster or through an ad broker like

Typically he ad networks provide code to paste into as site's source code and a perhaps control panel on their site to monitor ad clicks and earnings. There are wordpress blog plugins masking adding Adsense a breeze.
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exacuutneak : Well i have lots of ads games but they price is high for some of them so i just wanna know if there are any LEGIT! places to buy them online or store
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ntonioKulman : its cold as balls up here, bring some heavy coats/jackets
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sotojewimi : I'm not really sure what you should bring, but if you get souvenirs from The stands on the street, it will be a lot cheaper than at the shops at "tourist destanations."
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