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Ferguson29 : I want to advertise this video to get more viewers:
I want to get atleast 1k views.
any help?

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yclaraf : I am trying to put together newspaper ads for this event I am putting together for the band I'm involved with. I was sent a statement from the local newspaper and they were stating about Banners and Ear lugs. One of the choices was a front Ear lug. Any idea what that is and how big it is?
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bydghwjgcgne : Earlugs are the little ads at the top right corner of the various section head pages. In the graphic here, the earlug is the section at top right which says "renovation"
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KWSteven : i wanted to start selling Indian hand made jewellery,in the UK market.I showed it to people here and they really liked it....what should be my next step? I want to target the market.Please advice me what should be done? Should I approach ASDA (but seems a big group to approach) or else I should find out some small shops to start off the dealings....or should I contact any particular agency ( I dont know any :( ).Please advice me on any bit of the dealing process....any kind of help will be very helpful.Thanks.
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Accighirlholi : i have met similiar problem before, here list of sites
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Molinotuse : i need a slogan, tag line for a taxi office.
an example of this would be
use us, we're the most reliable
or we're better, etc.
if you know any please let me know.
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shjica4369 : My bf and I are planning an island-hopping vacation in Indonesia. Starting in Jakarta (just the airport) --> Sumatra --> Kalimantan --> Sulawesi
I need help with getting an idea of what to do/which airport to fly into on each island etc. We would like to spend a lot of time on beautiful beaches- surfing, snorkeling, and/or diving - and maybe some hiking in the jungle/viewing wildlife. We'd like to spend 3 or so days at each place.
Anyone know of some good places to go on any of these islands? We're on a college student budget too, if ya know what I mean. Thanks!
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