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AsymnKen : I have an item to sell and i want to advertise it without having to pay for the add or join Ebay.

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wegeillisee : I would like to know the average prices for advertisers and the income that publishers receive for each of the following types of online advertising models:

Cost Per View (CPV)
Cost Per Mille (CPM)
Cost Per Click (CPC)

I have looked everywhere for these but just can't find any accurate data... at all. I understand that there are a range of prices depending on many variables, but there must be an average somewhere.
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scoorrido : I am participating in a "handmade product competition" and my product is "clay pots" with creative work on them. I would be pleased if someone suggests me an advertising slogan for my product. Thanks
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gtgz00075 : A pot today helps you work rest and clay.! init!!
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covaGrooppy : pots 4U
plus pots
pots and more
Ali's containers (as in Cassius CLAY aka ali!)
creative containers

Sara's pots
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progressall : I have created a site called FaceiP.Com and spent lots of money over $100000, however I forgot to think about marketing all along, its been two years and FaceiP beta is ready to be launched on Feb 14, 2012. Im so confused that I need to know few media that can do mass advertising. Everyone say they are great and just money eater. I need help cause the site is going to be launched worldwide and I need international media of some kind.

Nick Banwait
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Sopmduozlhi : I found on youtube an easy and effective method to make money…
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Rfdsezlft : Am I allowed to take my babyliss pro 230 elegance straighteners in my hand luggage at MANCHESTER AIRPORT cos I don't want them confiscated as they're worth £80. Will I have to take them out to be screened separately ? Will the plates or the spiky plug be any cause of concern?
Please answer because I REALLY need to know SOON. Thanks.
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BabFibShooria :
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