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induttott : Can anyone recommend a good reliable direct mail marketing company in Scarborough?

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illushunlariA : my sports marketing and entertainment teacher has given me an assignment that involves have a full list of all the patents and what they are for that has taken place from January of 2011 to December 8,2011( today) i have found one site but it says there is only one pending patent and i have a feeling its out of date.
here is the link of that one site that i have found. thanks in advance.
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incerpibe : hey see
for this.
you'll see the links specificly about this on the left and the right side so you dont have to go and search everywhere. thanks for using
searched and visited personally.
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nishop2012 : please elaborate its for a project thank you so much!
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azikmanich : I am hosting a local event in the north east of england hoping to have an attendance of around 100-150 people. I will be getting a editorial booklet printed as a programme for the event for each of the attendees. To help fund the project I will be selling advertising space to local businesses.

How much would they expect to pay for an add (full page or half page in full colour) for such a publication?

I'm thinking local taxi firms, pubs/cafes, schools and colleges etc.
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KerBitoethict : Most of them got a contact address somewhere inside a similar booklet. Contact that address and ask for price ranges.
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marcinovolok : I'm talking about those flights which cross the water, not hops to Canada. I know about JFK and Newark, but are there any other?
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xseooneku : Nope. Jfk and newark are it. Remember though, newark airport is in new jersey. Its a bit farther from nyc jfk is in queens, ny. And closer to the city and queens and long island.
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esyez003 : International flights leave from Newark and JFK.

Laguardia handles mostly domestic flights, plus a few flights to Canada and the like.

There are several smaller suburban airports, including MacArthur/Islip (on Long Island), Westchester, and Stewart, but again they handle domestic flights, plus a few general aviation airports, such as Teterboro.
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