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DoftTeetterie : Please help me answer a few of these questions. I have been doing this homework for hours now and its driving me nuts.
1. Walmart has its own trucks that ship merchandise to its warehouses from the supplier for backstock purposes. Walmart carrying out which of the following functions?
a.contracting with suppliers
b.standardizing and grading its facilities.
c.buying and selling
d.risking obsolescence of its products
e.transporting and storing

2.Mattel, Inc. selects suppliers and obtains raw materials to make toys. The company is engaged in which function of marketing?

3.Bic ballpoint pens appeal to price-conscious consumers because of their affordability. Bic has segmented its market on a ____basis.

4.The product Centrum silver ispositioned as a vitamin supplement for older adults. The makers of Centrum Silver have segmented the market on a ____basis.
please help ASAP thank you so much :)

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kedduadwaytum : E, B, E, E

Q4- i believe u mean demographic for E, coz u have 2 geographic in Q4
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advagemyham :

I've posted this several times and have received no responses. Did I post it correctly? Is the ad OK?
Oops! Sorry for the typo, Craig's List.
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hankon500 : How Market research can affect marketing plan. Needs urgently please

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tomn067 : Its hard to plan anything without knowing specific details first. Doing market research can give you much useful information that will then allow you to make the proper marketing plan.

For example:
Lets say you wanted to sell bath and body products to a people living in Toronto, for a premium price. How large is the market in Toronto? Do these people have the disposable income to afford it? Where do people in Toronto currently go to buy these products? Who is currently buying these product? etc. These are all questions that could be answered during marketing research for your plan.

It is impossible to make a successful marketing plan without doing your research first! You can't change the market, but you can change your plan to suit the market around you, and choose the best fit target market for your product/service.
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swmssozshjgp : Thinking of starting to promote and sell a product. Any suggestions?
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