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lupins : Its a survey for my Psych290 class, super important but its for single parents- or parents who do not have a live-in husband/boyfriend/partner.

Would you be able to take it if I posted it on a site such as this one? :)
Here is the link:

-- and if not, what another places/sites do you recommend I should go to be able to advertise my survey?

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2qot54rt74o : I put alot of effort into my videos but don't get many views. What sites can I use to advertise my channel and get more views?

My channel is here:
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Enrinueexpess : There is a button that says promote video
You could use that
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abyy1319 : If you have Facebook then you could either make a page about your channel, or every once and a while post a comment about your channel.........hope you like
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goodevry11 : Getting more views on youtube isn't easy, I recommend you follow these steps though for the best results:

1. Optimize your title
It's important to have a descriptive, interesting title to attract people to your video.

2. Optimize your description
You must include a good description, explain what's happening in the video generally, include key words that you want people to search for to reach your video. If your video is about government for example include the word "President" 2-4 times.

3. Optimize your tags
Having good tags is also important, include every word from your title and all your keywords from your description. That will make it so that youtube logs your video correctly and you are higher up on the list of videos for your keywords.

4. Get Your Initial Views
Most important step actually, within the first week of uploading your video you need to maximize your views! Getting about 100-200 views in the first week can mean the difference between being 5th place in your keywords or 1st. Here are a few suggestions for this step-

*Share the video with your friends and family
*Share the video on twitter
*Post a bulletin on Youtube
*Share the video on Facebook
*Stumble Upon the video
*Blog the video
*Use organic view websites like

The rest is up to your content, if you get good content then people will share your video all by themselves after the first week and rack up more views for you.
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Molinotuse : Hi i need help with gumtree. I will post an add and do everything correct and later it will say ad is going live. A day later it will say removed for wrong category even though it was in the right one. PLease help me i need to post a few things.
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incerpibe : and choosing target market?

and the purpose of positioning?
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enurmouse : I am planning a trip to Lagos Nigeria for 10 days in the summer. I am seeing a friend but staying in hotel in Lagos. Requirements are that I get a letter of invitation from my friend. I would like to know what she has to write in the letter and could you give me an idea of sample letter and who it needs to be sent to. thanks
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2qot54rt74o : I think you need visa
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Obnolermfs : If "she" is someone you know only from the Internet you need to read through this:

Otherwise, this is the information I usually offer to people who plan to visit Nigeria:

Nigeria is not a tourist-friendly country. If you need to go to Nigeria on business/whatever then use a real travel agency where you live to help arrange the trip.

I really, really recommend you fly to Europe and spend a couple of days getting over the time change before you fly to Nigeria. Try very hard to not fly straight to Nigeria from the USA as that will mean getting off the airplane destroyed by jet lag, etc. and that would be a bad thing. Try to choose a flight which arrives during the daytime on a weekday.

You need vaccinations, even if they aren't required for entry:

Call your cellular provider and set up you phone so it works abroad. Know how to call numbers in the USA and in Nigeria (ex. the US Embassy/Consulate) on your USA cellphone while in Nigeria. Using your USA cellphone in Nigeria will be expensive, but having the option will be good until you can get a local cellphone (your hotel can help with that). Get a local cellphone so you don't have to use your USA phone in Nigeria any more than absolutely necessary.

You need travel medical insurance that will cover you in Nigeria and pays for medical evacuation to home (should that be necessary). Take proof of coverage with you and know how to file a claim.

(American Express offers great travel medical insurance, if you have an AMEX card)

Register with the DoS Smart Traveler Program:

Realize you are going to "The Land of Scam". Search "Nigeria scam" for many, many links.

Notify your credit cards that you will be traveling to Nigeria. Watch the bills for months to detect false charges.

If you are going to Nigeria on business then make contact with a Commercial representative at the US Embassy in Abuja or the US Consulate in Lagos. Your US Representative (Congressman) can help you make the contact and you should go through their office even if you think you can do it on your own. State Department employees will pay more attention to a Congressman's request for them to assist you.

On arrival, make certain the Nigerian immigration officer stamps your passport, the stamp is clear (visible), and the stamp shows the > correct < date of entry. When leaving, make sure the Nigerian immigration officer stamps your passport and the stamp clearly shows the > correct < date of departure. Not stamping your passport or stamping it with the wrong date is part of a scam to extort money from you.

Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN someone will meet you on arrival. DO NOT just go outside and get in a "taxi". Doing that is a recipe for being robbed or worse. You aren't going to Brussels or Paris.

Only stay at a western owned/operated hotel. The hotel can collect you from the airport if you don't have other options.

Only use a car with a local driver. DO NOT rent a car and drive yourself. It's a recipe for being falsely accused of an "accident" and arrested by corrupt police. You will stay in jail until you pay all the bribes. If you don't have the money to pay the bribes you will be in jail for a long time.

Get to the airport several hours before your departure to allow time for them to try to scam you. Load the phone numbers for your home, the US Embassy/Consulate, your hotel, and your driver into your Nigeria cellphone and keep the phone until you are gone from Nigeria.

Good luck!
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