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srfecti644 : What are the benefits of direct mail marketing for small businesses?

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unummaphy : I need a name for a marketing business i want to establish. coming out with a name is very difficult and it is pulling me back.
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Sleeryrub : If you can't think of a name then it is unlikley you are suited to marketing.
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eldemowerrorm : Have a name that is a cool, funny play on words. Try to include your name
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progressall : And why?

Print advertisement by the way, not moving image although the girl getting hit and going through the cycle of abuse would definately win for that.
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kantastorma : Since installing IE 8 I've had ads on web sites. Can't get rid of them!
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Gohismimb : Stop using IE. Switch to Firefox and install their AdBlock option. No more ads, anywhere.
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Pawwrercesata : I think you are talking about popups - you can configure internet browsers to stop them appearing.
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emibegomSit : does berlin have a lot of taxis. does berlin have a lot of taxis
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kViktuk : Yes, usually all larger German cities have many taxis. They wait in front of train stations, airports and larger hotels. In front of the airport, for example, you will usually find 30-50 taxis waiting for customers - there is definitely no shortage of taxis. But considering the relatively high cost of a taxi ride (about EUR25 for 15km) only a limited number of people use them. I often have the impression that there is an over supply of taxis, as some of them have to wait up to one hour before they get a costumer in front of an airport or railway station.

If you want to call a taxi, I would suggest that you do a google search for taxi companies operating in Berlin, as there are many different taxi businesses which sometimes offer special rates for example from the airport to the city centre.
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