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grearoriure :

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nanette997 : I find using ad words too expensive. I have paid many backlinks websites and it helps some, but I need some way to not pay a great deal and keep the work or calls coming in daily to keep my business up and running! Any good suggestions or help sites know???
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FriendAbigail :
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camarok : I own a t-shirt company and I am having a lot of trouble gaining exposure. I have tons of traffic coming to my website, but no buyers. I don't know if it's the website layout turning people off, the bad economy or if I'm jinxed or what the hell it is - but I need some guidance BADLY! I don't like trusting people, especially these days because it seems that people are only out to line their own pockets and take advantage of others. The only reason why I am even considering using a marketing company is because I am desperate, all out of answers, and literally at the end of my rope. So my question is, does anyone know of any reputable and trustworthy marketing companies/agencies that are effective at helping small businesses gain exposure and get off the ground?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.

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camarok : Just saw this site advertised as a PR6 site: so I thought I'd check it out. Anyway, the site has a bit of content but not much. It has ZERO backlinks and its not listed in any of the major web authorities. I decided to check if the PR score is genuine and three different checking tool each said the PageRank is genuine. I don't get it, it makes absolutely no sense to me, its a rubbish .info domain and the domain is only 3 MONTHS old too.

Everything tells me that this site shouldn't even be a PR1 never mind a PR6 and everything indicates its a genuine PR score.

Please, PLEASE can somebody enlighten me and explain whats going on here. Its bugging me like crazy because I can't find a reason for it. I know there are a few SEO experts that use Yahoo! Answers so please can you guys check this out and tell me what you think is going on here.
Plus, just noticed ONLY the homepage has a PageRank score all other pages have none. Thought PageRank was supposed to FLOW through a website?
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eldemowerrorm : Hello! I'm taking a solo trip for a little R&R once the semester is over and am having a hard time finding a way to get to Cocoa Beach from Orlando (MCO) airport. I see a lot of shuttles for groups or luxury cars that cost a fortune, and keep running into websites that are either out of business or make no sense and I can't find any prices. I had planned on staying in Orlando for my trip but it was going to cost way more than going to the beach for a few days, or else I would have flown in closer. Any suggestions on where to look? Thanks for your help!
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Rancannynug : Hitchhike
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csyez020 : When I look for "MCO cocoa beach shuttle" I find several for under $40, which is reasonable for a trip that's over an hour.

You might enjoy it more if you rented a car. That gives you more flexibility to get around, since the public transportation in CB is pretty sparse.
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