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Flugsoors : Something happened and fucking adsense a email saying they are going to disable my account well my account is now disabled it sucks. I have been polite with my appeals being absolutely 100% Truthful it seems someone did some massive clicking of my ads making me a lot of money but they are accusing me of doing it myself. Which i did not well after doing research i discovered it was a few people i know who did it because they do not know about how the ads on my videos work. I swear this is just not fair i told them the truth i had no knowledge that this happened i have been writing massive appeals to the them. I am being polite and respectful and everything and giving them the god's honest truth it was some people i know i told to check out my videos because they were of some interesting topics. But i in know way told them to click the ads to make me some money strike me with lightning if i am not being true only god knows truth

Anyways i am praying they will reconsider and reinstate my adsense account but incase they don't can i get a new adsense account if i close/delete my current youtube account and open up a new youtube account?????? I plan to save collect all my current youtube videos and repost them on my new youtube account will this work?????? Will i need to change my name and get a new computer and or ip address??????

This is just not fair i did nothing wrong and i am being 100% Honest about what has happened as per my research of the invalid activity.
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Ferguson29 : I want to advertise this video to get more viewers:
I want to get atleast 1k views.
any help?
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porvfdyseo : what good book about advertising could i give a friend (who's going to inherit his parent's advertising agency)

is this good:
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Wourryallebra : I have a security and investigative agency.
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Smaluemelmisy : Put an ad on WHAT page, for heaven's sake?
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ontognoks : Just to get your attention but I wanted to ask if you think there is a small middle class in the Philippines and what would you consider it to be?
Just Davao City, which is in Mindanao and many Muslim families in and around the surrounding areas. What do you see if you visit and open your eyes all around?
You see late model cars everywhere. You see modern malls going up every where. Upscale restaurants, hotels and businesses.
You see subdivisions going up all around. You see modern condominiums going up with all the amenities.
You see modern theaters and amusement parks. You see construction going up all around the city and neighboring provinces.
Private schools and universities that only middle class families can afford.
Yes, the corruption and poverty is there but it's beginning to look like a modern city in every aspect.
I lived there, bought a home there and left friends and in laws there.
It's not for everyone but it's not bad. Not bad at all.
Crime is almost non existent in Davao and the little that there is is only with the locals and not targeting foreigners. Thank Roddy Duterte for that. Former Mayor and now Vice Mayor. His name is synonymous with DDS.
Never heard of any Aswangs in Samal. I heard they are all in public office, now. New ones bidding for office in upcoming elections. Yes, they are to be feared if they ever get elected.
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xbfreeslotsio : Most of the Philippines main cities are experiencing a new found wealth and growth, Davao is a little out on a limb compared to Cebu, and now the ever prosperous Cagayan De Oro, which has become the fastest growing city in the Philippines, evident by such a vast amounts of construction going on including the recently opened Ayala Mall..
Cagayan De Oro and Iligan city will soon enjoy a new Airport, I am hoping it will be an international airport.(as soon as the arguing stops about whole stole the money to build it).

I agree that Davao city is the safest and most managed city in the Philippines and is to be admired.
I live just up the highway in Bukidnon....... I would desire to live possibly on Samal Island for a more peaceful location.

Yes so I enjoyed your information I learned a few things.

Thanks you :)
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Smaluemelmisy : I like Samal Island but I heard the aswangs live in there. How come the aswangs become civilize, living in luxury water front view with high tech internet.
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Errommeds : Yes there is strong growth in all of the Cities in the Philippines at the moment and I think it will continue as long as the government does not let the conflict with China get out of hand but. Remember the greatest concentration of people is in the greater Manila area, in fact more than a quarter of the population is in that area if I remember the figures correctly and the amount of poverty in that area is massive. The standard of living is rising but it will not rise significantly until the grip of the Catholic Church is removed from the populations attitude to contraception and having large families. The fact is poor people having large families equals more poor people and less opportunity to rise from poverty. President Aquino's efforts to recently pass the new contraception bill is the best thing to happen to the country for a very long time.
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