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browadonha :

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AsymnKen : I have an item to sell and i want to advertise it without having to pay for the add or join Ebay.
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dombabrarturo :
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uniondory : No. Marketing and entertainment are not the same thing.
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Reersumbere : read about it here
open the first and forth orange link
there on right side for more info
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RoyabyRor :
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colemiliClipsp : You can't. That's how they stay in business.
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Dave.tupastoggep : If you are talking about spam emails then scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on unsubscribe.
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SkipSnuntee : get ad-block
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nhedukoc : You can drop your Yahoo or Hotmail email and sign up for Gmail instead (their adverts are less obtrusive).

Alternatively you can load special ad blocking software on your computer which will eliminate them forever not just on your email page but also when you are browsing websites. Your broadband speeds will improve overnight as soon as you block those pesky adverts from your computer altogether.

A good freebie is AdBlockPlus for Firefox.

An excellent alternative which you have to pay for is: AdMuncher which you can find at:
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