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olgabuzova : describe the market Mountain Man Brewing Company serve and beer market in general?

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stemfft : MG Sports Cars
Whole Earth Organic Malted Flakes
easy Jet Airlines
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Effitswes : You are going to invest $20,000, distributed evenly, in a portfolio consisting of assets X, Y, and Z, as follows:
Table 1

AssetAnnual Return Probability Beta
X 10%0.501.2
Y 8%0.251.6
Z 16%0.252.0

Q1: Given the information in Table 1, what is the expected annual return of this portfolio?

Q2: What is the beta of the portfolio in Table 1, containing assets X, Y, and Z?

Q3: The beta of the portfolio in Table 1 indicates that this portfolio: (Multiple Choice; a, b, c, or d?)
(a)has more risk than the market.
(b)has less risk than the market.
(c)has an undetermined amount of risk compared to the market.
(d)has the same risk as the market.

Thanks in advance
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FriendAbigail : I am about to launch a graphic design services website. But I don't know if I should use my name or my city name for the website name. Since I will work from home and do freelance work, I am not sure how to market to my town/area besides facebook..word of mouth...ect. What I would really like is for people to be able to search on any search engine and find my website, especially if they are searching for my area.

Any suggestions?
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lsophiaj : Before you do anything, buy domains website anything you need to do some market research and find out what people type into the search engines to find graphic designers.

Type Keyword tool into Google and you can use their free tool. Once you know you can pick a domain if possible with a key word in it. This will help as google likes key word domains. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

Depending upon how competitive your industry is you may need specialist help, lots and lots of seo companies offer free trials or consultations so why not pick their brains for ideas.

The most important thing to remember is that when it comes to google search's and making your website appear higher ( SEO ) there is no quick fix. No magic tool and a lot of it is trial and error.

Good luck
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RaisseDottemi : hi, my gown is a huge gown and i have tried unsuccessfully to cram it into my hand baggage and its just not getting in, my last resort is to check it in at the airport, i know the risks and i am a nervous wreck. i don't want to hold my gown into the plane and get refused and have to check in into the hold. has anyone checked in their wedding gown? am on a BA flight if its makes any difference
imogene or whatever u call yourself, if u dont av any good thing to say or comment about, then its best to keep ur mouth shut and dont give lame and brainless answers
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FriendKennedy : Why dont you wear your wedding gown on the flight. I mean actually board, fly, and exit the plane in your wedding gown, that way you will have no problems and will be able to keep your eye on it the whole time. Dont worry about any looks ect. Ofcourse dont wear your veil ect, just the dress :-)
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plaulvavoselt : You can take it on the plane with you. You don't have to check it. It is OK. People do that all the time.
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breakmotio : Hi Scarlet,

I see that you posted in YA Canada, so I assume you're going on a long haul flight.
If that's the case, then you shouldn't have a problem brining it in a dress carrier onboard. The Cabin Crew will be happy to hang it in a closet during the flight, and will hand it back to you after landing.

If you're connecting onto a short flight or flying on a small aircraft there may not be any closet space available, so you may need to lay it on top of luggage in the hat-racks, or keep it by your seat. However, this isn't a problem on larger aircraft that fly on long haul routes for BA.

Keep in mind that the dress carrier will count as either a carryon or a personal item, so you need to make sure you only have one other small piece of hand luggage if any... Besides, I imagine your dress is heavy enough so you probably won't want to carry much else onboard.
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