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Gymnmoopamb : I'm currently a marketing major and I just got into some upper division courses. But I'm not good at math at all it is quite confusing for me all the graphs and such. But I've always been highly interested in Public Relations. But how good does old have to be at writing for a PR major? Would I have to be just average to get ok grades or what? I know this is a hard question to answer. But in the past I haven't been good at English courses.

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induttott : Can anyone recommend a good reliable direct mail marketing company in Scarborough?
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Bomimuccerm : Dear all,
I want to have three monetizing programs on my website.They are
1-Google ad sense,
2-Affiliate programs,
3-Selling ad space on my site.So how many of the combination of each programs should i use for better performance.
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Ptnolermep : three
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smediavevield :
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anaemydeamexy : I will be visiting London with my husband. I have heard that by buying travel card from national rail train stations only I will get the benefits of 2for1 offers.The same from tube stations will not apply for the same, Please let me know what will be the nearest station from airport.
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EffodoGob : The nearest station that is NOT part of the Tube network is actually London Heathrow, which is the terminus of the Heathrow Express train that goes to Paddington in central London.

n order to take advantage of the buy two attraction tickets for the price of one (2-4-1) offers available its necessary to have a PAPER train ticket. An Oystercard is NOT valid.

The train ticket must be valid on the day of visiting the attraction. For example, if you are visiting the Tower of London on a Tuesday then you need a train ticket that is valid on that same Tuesday. This might be a ticket to London for Tuesday, or it could be a 7-day Travelcard which you perhaps bought on Thursday and would therefore be valid Thursday, Friday, Saturday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you have train tickets both to and from London, then you can use 2-for-1 any time between the arrival date for the ticket to London and your departure date from London. For example, if you buy an Advance single from Bath Spa to London on the 1st of July and hold another Advance Single valid for the 12th of July from London to Edinburgh, then you would be eligible for the 2-4-1 discount on the dates 1st of July to 12th of July inclusive, using those two tickets. If you hold a Return ticket, you can use 2-4-1 any time within the validity of the ticket. For a Day Return that would be one day only. For other Return tickets, however, the validity would be 1 month from the date of arrival in London.

Most London stations have automatic ticket barriers which keep the ticket at the end of the journey. If this happens, you will not have a valid ticket to use you 2-4-1. It is therefore ESSENTIAL that you do NOT go through the barriers. Just ask the attendant to let you through, explaining the situation.

There is no limits to the number of times you can use 2-for-1 with a rail ticket.
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Pawwrercesata : There is a rail station at Heathrow as well as the tube. If they are staying in London for a few days, to take advantage of the 2 for 1 offers, all they need to do is to go to their nearest main rail station to where they are staying (such as Paddington, Victoria, King's Cross), travel one stop using their travel cards and buy a single train ticket back to use for the offer. If they are only in London one day, then they will be able to get the train from Heathrow, although it is much more expensive than the tube.
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acilivesserma : Well pet, that would be the rail station at Heathrow. The one on their website. Are you allowed out alone?
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CPJames : One other option if you only want to use the train is to travel from Waterloo to Feltham Main line station where a regular bus service operates into Heathrow airport
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