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Tevyemalm : Hey everyone! Which do you think is a better choice for an advertising agnecy? (it is for school, not real) ice cream shop or fitness club? Which do you think would get more people to back it up? Also, do you have any unique advertising agency names or slogans for either? I have a couple in my head and I'd like to see how yours compare, thanks!

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unincandy : It would be aimed at professionals who are moving on from redundancy who want to engage in serious volunteering which will make an impact and which will also give he volunteer some hands on experience of health or education or social development
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Atrormmup : With over 30 successful projects Symex's provide the necessary solutions for the small and medium enterprises to enable them to leverage the strength of IT by automating business processes. We ensure that value is added to your company by adding value to your business processes, define new processes and automate them to comprehensively address current and future business needs. Read more
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SessNeiny : I just made a forum about gaming and i'mthinking I want to attract like alot of members in. My forum is . So does anyone know a way of advertising my forum with out big fancy ads or anything
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jasmine573 : Legally, is there anything stopping me from being able to charge other business for advertising on the front of my balcony in a town centre?
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Ancessynero : If you own the building, and if there aren't any local codes prohibiting such advertising, then no.
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jqd2827r : How long before boarding time? My flight is at 3am so I don't think there will be many lines...
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Graiccaky : One hour. And it's depending on the port you fly from. If its an asin country better give more time.
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rikesuiburnsc : 3 hours in required by tsa not the airport -plus youy never meantioned the airp[ort plus i never heard a flight leaving at 3am are you sure thats not your check in time and you flight is at 6
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Shohabmib : It is recommended that you get to the airport at least 3 hours before departure time. Even though the airport may not be busy at 3 am, if you are flying a large aircraft such as a 747 or 777-300 which can seat well over 300 people, know that there can be a lot of people waiting in line to check-in. Also all these people still have to go through security screening. That is why you want to give yourself enough time.
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