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milk72230 : Im doing a marketing project for my school and my goal is to make a marketing plan for whatever i want. I need to find out what it would cost to put in an ad for the weather channel. I know how it all works very well i just need to know the rate for Concord NH and i dont want to call them up because its not serious. If you could help that would be great and thank you!

P.S these can vary due to the size of the area you want to advetise in so dont just google what it cost cuz thats like an avarage or somthing

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DoftTeetterie : Please help me answer a few of these questions. I have been doing this homework for hours now and its driving me nuts.
1. Walmart has its own trucks that ship merchandise to its warehouses from the supplier for backstock purposes. Walmart carrying out which of the following functions?
a.contracting with suppliers
b.standardizing and grading its facilities.
c.buying and selling
d.risking obsolescence of its products
e.transporting and storing

2.Mattel, Inc. selects suppliers and obtains raw materials to make toys. The company is engaged in which function of marketing?

3.Bic ballpoint pens appeal to price-conscious consumers because of their affordability. Bic has segmented its market on a ____basis.

4.The product Centrum silver ispositioned as a vitamin supplement for older adults. The makers of Centrum Silver have segmented the market on a ____basis.
please help ASAP thank you so much :)
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kedduadwaytum : E, B, E, E

Q4- i believe u mean demographic for E, coz u have 2 geographic in Q4
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Wourryallebra : Ok, here is the deal. I am looking for a way to make money by sending traffic to a specific link, and the more I can get to click this link the more I get paid. Is there currently any websites that offer money for doing this? NOT ME CLICKING THE LINK BUT OTHER PEOPLE.
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songfeng400 : Legally, is there anything stopping me from being able to charge other business for advertising on the front of my balcony in a town centre?
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arrormaginy : I will be needing a ride on a Tuesday evening in April around 6:30. Is traffic very bad at this time on a weekday evening? Google Maps says it's only 20 minutes, but I'm skeptical!
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kantastorma : Well, the thing is that it's unpredictable. During rush hour, I'd say it takes at least 30 minutes, but it's not out of the question for it to take over an hour.

The good thing is that you have options as far as which streets you can take, and hopefully your cabbie knows what shortcuts to take. If he goes up Northern Blvd, and then takes some side streets through East Elmhurst, it should be relatively quick. (Maybe like 30 minutes or so).

The Queens-Midtown Tunnel has a toll, so it should be a little faster than the Queensboro Bridge (it usually is, but don't count on it).
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