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IllexRitkit :

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lupins : Its a survey for my Psych290 class, super important but its for single parents- or parents who do not have a live-in husband/boyfriend/partner.

Would you be able to take it if I posted it on a site such as this one? :)
Here is the link:

-- and if not, what another places/sites do you recommend I should go to be able to advertise my survey?

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RoyabyRor : I had once created a blog and it said advertise with adsense. But I don't understand.
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ChetAnned : My Facebook name : Choyon sultan

My email address :
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asdrjh536 : iv sent you request my name is cherrypie tiny toes sale
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TUTPeessyboms : I'm going to be carrying these in my purse and I was wondering if there is enough metal in them to set an alarm. I hope not, or I'll take them out. Thanks
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fivefingerslo : Definitely not, you're fine :)
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SpadiaLah : no because i by-accident took a pen with a exact-o blade(it was a box opener) in it. and even going through all the carry on scans and through the walk through ones no one noticed it not even me till i went to do my homework on the plane lol XD so i really doubt bobby pins and clips would unless you had like a hole ton of them :P
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