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Lernneush : I need help help marketing my book for a target audience. It's been recently released and I'm wondering from advertising to promotions what would it take to get it out there? I want to target Japan especially, China, and Korea? I know completely nothing to be honest about ad and marketing so some help be appreciated. I provided the link to my product below.
Hopefully thankyou.
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NathanaelXM : read about it here
open the second and sixth green link
there for more info
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srfecti644 : What are the benefits of direct mail marketing for small businesses?
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ReonoSkeskGow : I saw a tool advertised by sears and need the name of it. It was a driver that would sink a bolt into thick wall.
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rebecontannyM : There are lots of Sears tool commercials.
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ykxhwzjy :
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rbjarmkgxvvw : try this site (i've used it):
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Ptnolermep : without driving yourself. a company named megabus has cheap ways to get across the country via coach bus but they do not go to east lansing.
southeastern MA
southeastern MA
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arrormaginy : Fares may differ depending on where in Massachusetts would you start your trip as well as other usual factors like time of travel, etc.

By bus, you can go on Greyhound, but it may take a whole day to travel from Massachusetts to East Lansing as your trip most probably would involve two connections.

By rail, Amtrak is also an option, but here too you might need to make one or two connections and the fare might be little higher.

By air, you can use Lansing Airport which is about 8 miles away from East Lansing and is served mainly by Delta and United. Another option is Flint Airport which is only 45 miles away from East Lansing but offers more options as it is served by AirTrans and American as well as Delta and United. Grand Rapids Airport is also not far, at 65 miles, and offers yet more options including AirTran, American, Delta, Southwest, US Airways, and United. Delta and United also provide services to Saginaw Airport which is only 75 miles north of East Lansing. Kalamazoo Airport is also 78 miles away and is served by American and Delta. The ultimate choice however is Detroit Metro Airport which is only 89 miles away and is heavily served which makes it easier to find suitable fares and options. The best airlines to consider here are Delta, Southwest, US Airways and United.
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