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gorjitienMito : hi all
I am brand new to affiliate marketing and just created a website,
will be up and running soon. I want to know how can I create a link
to my domain name and post them on street articles.
I also started submitting articles to
thank you

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kupasadlao : Do you mean the resource box at the bottom of your article?
If it is you just put your link in the resorcce box..

The site below is giving away Free gifts of how you can establish yourself as an affiliate marketer etc..
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dyelommaccelp : If you want free backlinks that also get posted on street articles
go to this link

Create a free profile , no credit card required.

There is a free and a paid version.
You only need the free one.

(1) go to add article

(2) in the keyword boxes put the Keyword that describes
your link

(3) in the link boxes put your link

(4) in the article box you have to type 450 words since you
are using the free version.

(5) in the article box also put

%LINK1% and %LINK2% and %KEYWORD1% and %KEYWORD2%

that will add your keywords and links

(6) in the tags box , put one tag (keyword)

(7) in the keyword box type one word (try different ones)

(8) Click GET BLOGS

you get 50 free links.
Click the ones that say price 0

(9) then click SUBMIT at the bottom

you can do this as many times as you want.

once again... here's the link
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grearoriure :
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aviatiogfs :
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Shiegephabe : That's nice.
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toribhibblerg : read about it here
open the second and third brown link
there on right side for more info
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stainsfaf : I'm writing a blog about medical devices / the medical devices market. What's a good name for it?
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AnthonyCH : Professor Layton
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Abnolermed : Medical needs.
Its what you need.
Can't find it?
I've got it!
Medical shmedical.
I have the stuff.
Do you need the stuff?
Can't find what your looking for?
MEAD. (Medical equipments and devices.)
Hostpital equipments.
Stores don't got it.
I have the info.
I have what YOU need!
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