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Veilepype : Looking for some creative ideas to use for a B2B company. What's the most creative thing that you've seen or sent?

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Flugsoors : Something happened and fucking adsense a email saying they are going to disable my account well my account is now disabled it sucks. I have been polite with my appeals being absolutely 100% Truthful it seems someone did some massive clicking of my ads making me a lot of money but they are accusing me of doing it myself. Which i did not well after doing research i discovered it was a few people i know who did it because they do not know about how the ads on my videos work. I swear this is just not fair i told them the truth i had no knowledge that this happened i have been writing massive appeals to the them. I am being polite and respectful and everything and giving them the god's honest truth it was some people i know i told to check out my videos because they were of some interesting topics. But i in know way told them to click the ads to make me some money strike me with lightning if i am not being true only god knows truth

Anyways i am praying they will reconsider and reinstate my adsense account but incase they don't can i get a new adsense account if i close/delete my current youtube account and open up a new youtube account?????? I plan to save collect all my current youtube videos and repost them on my new youtube account will this work?????? Will i need to change my name and get a new computer and or ip address??????

This is just not fair i did nothing wrong and i am being 100% Honest about what has happened as per my research of the invalid activity.
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clilyq : How do I get rid of this annoyance? There is no where to click, but to watch this, which I have no interest in doing. Help please.
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Fbnolorfgd :
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teexarige : So, we booked a flight down to FLL out of ISP for the 20th. I'm using ticketless checkin. I want to know how the seating works. I have an aviation enthusiast friend that would like me to film taking off and landing and told me specifically what the best seats for filming are. I haven't flown a plane since I was 7 so how does this work? Do I board and choose whatever seat I want or do they assign them as people arrive for the flight or do I get to choose when checking in online?
I'd be leaving the house around 5am for a 6:40am flight also, is that ample time to make it there and get a good seat if they do have seating on a "first come-first serve" kind of thing?
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bertiefeleciau : Last I've flown southwest: they have 3 groups, A, B, and C. A gets seated first, then B and C. Usually it will tell you what group your in on your ticket. It's suxs, that is one of the reasons I stopped flying that airline
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EleneLymncype : Absolutely the worst airline in the United States. As the other person said, it's sectioned into zones. The A group people get scammed into paying more so they can get first choice on where they sit and it gets cheaper from there. It's also incredibly unorganized because usually they won't let you book more than 90 days out. Reason? All of the staff are unionized and it's like a mob environment when the word strike comes around and every waking moment they are terrified of bankruptcy.

I truly hope you are not traveling because families often are broken up. One time I flew with them there was a family of 3. two parents and a 5 year old. The dad was in the front row, the mother stuck in back and the kid dead center and none of the staff wanted to accommodate. Even though the staff wouldn't move, one nice man who was next to the child switched places with his 7 year old so the child had someone in a close age range to talk to.
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Savannah_Hawaii : uh oh you will miss your fLIGHT you are required to be AT THE AIRPORT 2 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT so you have be at the Airport by 4;30am
if You are not there Kiss your reservation goodbye
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Atteddyarethy : first of all you won't be doing any fiming of the take off or landing unless you want to possibly be arrested.
you MUST have ALL electronic devices COMPLETELY OFF during take off and landing.
so really now it doesn't matter how your board or where you sit.

this is how southwest boards their planes...
-pre boarders (disabled people and unaccompanied minors)
-group A 1-30
-group A 31-60
-family boarders (parents flying with children ages 4 and under that did not get a group A boarding pass)
-group B 1-30
-group B 31-60
-group C 1-30
-group C 31-60

once you get on the plane its open seating.
you can choose whatever open seat you want.

its recommended that you be AT the airport 2 hours prior to your flight.
so when ever you have to leave your house to arrive by 4:40am is when you should leave. (you didn't tell us how long it takes to get from your house to the airport)
checking in luggage, going through security, and finding your gate can be a bit time consuming.
plus southwest boards their flights 30 minutes prior to take off.
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aogokaoy : Seating on Southwest hasn't been "first-come, first-served" for a long time.
You can check in online starting 24 hours before our flight is scheduled to leave. When you do that, you will be assigned a place in the boarding queue. There are three groups, A, B and C, and 60 positions within each group.
Disabled people are boarded first.
Then group A is boarded in numerical order.
Families with small children who did not get a boarding number in Group A are boarded next.
Then Group B is boarded in order, then Group C.
When you board the plane, you may choose any unoccupied seat.

Since it is recommended that one arrive at the airport 2 hours before a domestic flight, leaving home at 5 am for a 6:40 flight is way too late.
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