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scanrpinteyrocza : I saw they are hiring and I have really never heard of them and was wondering if they are a legit company?

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browadonha :
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DegreeMoon : ________ helps establish long-term consumer relationships by maintaining, supporting, and enhancing the natural environment.

a. green marketing
b. environmental scanning
c. generic competitors
d. consumerism
e. the better business bureau
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goodevry13 : read about it here
open the second and third green link
there on right side for more info
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Rachel_Colorado : Most of the advertisement companies seem to be for the US. I was wondering if anybody knew any that were UK based where I can put one on my site to make some money?
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EasedSokStoks : i am literally shaking at the knees just think about flying with my hyper 1yr old son...i will be flying with a relative that has a 18mo. old. its in about a month and i will be taking a 1.5hr domestic flight to NYC and leave from there to overseas on a 14hr flight!!!!!. what to i pack for the fight? what do i bring on board? how do i stay sane? what can i and cant i do on the plane? how to deal with the ''shhh-ers''. what advice do you have? my relative is just as can anyone help calm our nerves? any advice is excellent advice! thank you in advance!!!!
@milderd f:
haha! yeah, i wish! but its kinda hard watching 2 toddlers when your a
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Pakwearce : Both the adults need to have a couple of real alcoholic drinks. Not little sissy wine or beer. But a whiskey.
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Gyncdyecy : I have gone up to and thanked thoughtful parents who were walking laps with their toddlers to tire them out just before boarding a flight.

Be sure to have things that will keep them distracted and occupied during a flight. A DVD player and headphones are good. Or, if you have a touch screen device (iPad, Kimble or smartphone), the app Fish Farts for Kids is amusing--they touch a fish to get it to fart and shoot across the screen leaving a trail of bubbles that float up, and each type of fish makes a different sound. :) The really long flight will have in flight entertainment, with a choice of movies, shows and games.

Also, bring something for them to chew while the plane is ascending and descending, to help them clear their ears. If you have a road that goes through a thousand foot elevation change, that would be good practice so they know what to expect. If they get a head cold, have a child-sage decongestant so they can clear the pressure difference between the outer ear and their inner ear (which is connected to nasal passages with thin tubes, thus the jaw movement aids the clearing of the pressure difference).

Bring empty water bottles through security and fill them at a water fountain near the gate, so they don't have to wait for something to drink from the flight attendants.

But what may be just as important is to talk up the flight to the kids, get them looking forward to it. Many airports have a lounge overlooking the airfield, so go take them to that on a day before the trip. If there is an aviation museum where they can go inside of one or more planes? Quite a few military airfields have an annual airshow where they have planes on display that you can walk among.

Kids can earn frequent flyer miles too (and you certainly want to get ASL those being racked up by the long flights), so get him a number and he should be sent a card too. There is also, which is a free website to track your flying statistics and maps out your flights on a country and world map. You can map out your troop in advance using the Great Circle Mapper at

Hope this helps.
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