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esyez044 : I Need the piroxicam injection brands,diclofenac brands with their offers given in the market some one please help me in getting the details

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clonecd840 : Surely this can't be the case.. how exactly does the system work? And not just AdSense, but any ad system out there? Feel free to redirect me to any website
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arroraceags : i don't think so
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phollespase : Nope. Google tracks everything from how long people are on your site typically to their click patterns and so forth. If you show up with a bunch of clicks from the same region of the world like that and they are clicking multiple times you will lose your adsense account ASAP. It is seriously impossible to scam adsense unless you are just trying to throw in a random click for a dollar every month but it is not worth bothering. They track how you found a site so your friends would need a way to navigate to it, you'd need a ton of other traffic as too high of a click thru rate will get you flagged ASAP so you'd need junk traffic that doesnt click as well. You'd need them to spoof their location as everyone from 1 city clicking is going to be fishy. You would need to make it convincing as they know what real click patterns look like. In my opinion this is just not worth the time as they will ban you before you ever get to payout.
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FriendJames : I have a second interview for a really great sales/account management job

I have been asked to write a presentation to highlight my sales skills but want to throw it out there so I can get all the help I can

"Sell me the retail benefits of Flora Margarine over the other branded competitors within the retail market." (You are presenting to a buyer)

Any help is appreciated
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job85469 :
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lisi20zu : Who the F said you can sell your furniture? I swear say another thing about selling it and I will be forced to dole out the harshness. Don't tempt me, one step over that line and I'll f you up. Think I'm playing? Nah jk, I don't know. But seriously I'll F you up if you step over that line. Have a nice day.
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jgoodlikegp : Hi everybody,

I know that a variant of this topic was posted but I still don't quite understand what to do in my situation. Let me explain, I'm living in Germany and have both a Canadian and UK passport. I'm travelling to Africa and the country that I'm going to visit allows both Canadians and UK citizens to enter without a visa, however the passport has to be valid for at least 6 months from your arrival. My UK passport expires in a few months but my Canadian is valid for another couple of years.

I'm living in Germany and entered Germany with my UK passport and I haven't shown them the Canadian one. I'm not sure what the correct procedure since I was told I have to exit and enter a country with the same passport but then again the airlines will also check my passports. Also I'm not sure what data the airlines share with immigration.

Is this OK?

Germany (Leaving):
Check in my baggage at the airport: Show my Canadian passport (to the airline)
Go through EU/German exit immigration: Show my UK passport
Boarding to the plane to Africa: Show my Canadian passport (to the airline)

Africa (Arriving):
Enter the country (go through immigration): Show my Canadian passport

Africa (Leaving):
Check in my baggage at the airport: Show my Canadian passport (to the airline)
Go through exit immigration: Show my Canadian passport
Boarding to the plane to Germany: Show my Canadian passport (to the airline)

Germany (Arriving):
Enter the country (go through immigration): Show my UK passport

By the way, this is a direct flight.
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Appotospect : Yes, all that is correct.
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Graiccaky : That's exactly how you should do it.

However this will only work for passport holders of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, or the United States. Nationals of these countries can apply for a residence permit in Germany after their arrival; hence they do not need an onward/return flight ticket and can arrive in Germany without presenting onward travel plans. Holders of any other passport might have problems with just showing their foreign passport to the airline when leaving Africa and they must show their UK passport to the airline as well to be allowed on the plane to Germany..
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