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orgaphocuroto : Hello guys and girls! I want to know how to earn money from a blog.

I've visited quite a few blogs where there are ads and i ask myself how does it work?

What are the requirements for earning money?

Any hints for gettin some money outta internet?

How to tag stuff in a way that will result on the first google search list?

Thanks on advance and of course, 10 Points for the most complete answer. Here ya go!
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Effitswes : you can put the adsense in your blog.
Make adsense account and Google to give the adsense for your blog and put them on blog for earning as much as you can. :)
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job85469 : why do all affiliate marketing sites ask for your website? i dont have a website of my own.. can someone plz explain this to me?
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choolfrok : Affiliate programs have great problems with fraudulent traffic, showing them the traffic source (your site) helps them verify your authenticity.

Clickbank doesn't care. Some might qualify for (tougher to qualify for) CPA networks if email advertising specialists.

To be realistic it typically require many hundreds or thousands of people to see your ad before a sale will be made, your own site can help get more traffic.
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seaggetroks : how can I find a sit in which I can download free some assays about Marketing & business
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jgoodlikegp : The person who set the assignments will already know about these sites and you will either get a zero mark or could even be expelled.
If you simply copy another person's work, you are not actually learning anything and any qualification you get as a result of your cheating will be useless in the real world - simply because you will not actually be able to do what your qualification implies you can do.
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likelucyru : I am trying to create a comic about marketing. I have a blog that talks about all types of marketing techniques and strategies. I'm artistic and would like to create a fun comic while educating people about different marketing/advertising methods.
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imiLsanitazem : I need suggestions about my site if it needs any improvments please help my site is
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aoioktoy : 1 Current events and how they impact your business and customers: Let your readers know how current news events are impacting your company and its clients.
For example, a company that builds or remodels homes may want to use a newsletter article to warn customers that recent hurricane damage is causing increased demand for lumber, so material prices are expected to climb higher.
An accounting firm may want to use a newsletter article to explain how recent changes in a tax law will impact its customers.
Chances are great that current events are impacting your company’s business, so keep your customers informed through your newsletter articles.
2 New or little-known uses for your products
3 Customer profile
4 Making a difference in the community
5 Employee profile
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DumArrada : David, not quite, had one on an international flight had a coronary two seats ahead of me, I can tell you it was close. we were headed to Heathrow, made a slight diversion and emergency landing at Rome Fumiciano airport.

I saw something wrong with the guy, and te lady next to me was a nurse heading to her brothers wedding, we both got up, and were on him before anyone new what was going on.

I have to say, the British Airways staff were so professional.
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