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CobyStoll : I'm looking for way to advertise and create traffic to my site for free or very little money down..i only have about $4.

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Dwendydeave : I can't offer much, it's really tough for a really small time operation with no money to succeed.

Some use sly techniques get some people through the fee Craigslist ads site, definitely calls for heavy deception.

Most all of the worthwhile traffic sources are going to cost money, the biggest source of so called free traffic are the search engines, Google being the 800 pound gorilla. You can invest significant sweat instead of money to get traffic if you are clever.

The main thing you would have to do to make the typical blog succeed is write original new content a couple of times a week, featuring keywords you want to rank for. The second biggest job would be getting a few new links a day, low value log comment and forum signature links are about the easiest to get,

Small operators find more success by picking a narrow specialty Niche, that has less competition, part of the preliminary research process involves examining the top search results for a specific keyword phrase you are considering, also noting the total number of results. Tools like the Open Site Explorer (no more Yahoo site explorer, boohoo) to discover how many links the top ranked sites are getting, this is the biggest single factor the determines search ranking. Find a subject with 'weak' sites on page one of the search results and you might be able to get significant traffic for a very specific subject.

One authority of more 'white hat' search ranking techniques, SEOmoz, has some interesting advanced white Friday tutorial videos on their blog, most might only be of practical sue to huge eCommerce sits though.

They compiled a variety of interesting resource links a while ago

The Wariorforum site, where a lot of marketing newbies hang out has some low cost tutorial materials in their WSO section, a guide to SEO and getting links might be available for $4, if you have Paypal.
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OXarden : You have to exchange your company link with other websites that are working in the same line. It will be helpful for you to attract much traffic on your website as the visitors of other websites will also try to contact you if they find attraction in you. It is the easiest and free of cost way to target customers.
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Medicalfave : I am doing a PR program for a class about the Amazon's Kindle Fire, and was wondering if the brand could advertise on campuses with bookstores that are owned by B&N. The advertisements wouldn't have to necessarily be in the bookstores rather around the campus of the universities.
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Neenstookem : read about it here
open the second and sixth green link
there more info
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upncfwgc :
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bumambiffs :
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csyez029 : This summer, my grandmom and I are planning to fly from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Portland, Oregon. After looking at several airlines, we decided to choose United Airlines as our airline. However, it requires us to make a stop to change planes. We have several options.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO), 56 minute layover.
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), 41 minute layover.
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), 1 hour, 35 minute layover.
Denver International Airport (DEN), 1 hour, 12 minute layover.
Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), 1 hour, 8 minute layover.

Which is the most reasonable connection time, and what is the best airport to choose from out of these five in terms of being the best airport in your opinion? All opinions are welcome.
These connections are necessary because we would like a morning flight. We don't want to arrive in Portland in the evening because we will be planning to do things during the day.
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chatovvod : SEA or DEN are your best bets. The others are cutting it way too close.
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Entimbzit : Seattle - Two reasons.

1.Most Time
2. Smallest Airport out of the 5

Also- Double check the schedules to ensure there is no morning direct flight. Also maybe even reconsider your airline if there is a direct flight. Star alliance is the group united is in so you can still get the united benefits if you fly on a star alliance airline.
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