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srfecti644 : Alice Shoemaker is the advertising manager for Value Shoe Store. She is currently working on a major promotional campaign. Her ideas include the installation of a new lighting system and increased display space that will add $34,000 in fixed costs to the $270,000 currently spent. In addition, Alice is proposing that a 5% price decrease ($40 to $38) will produce a 20% increase in sales volume (20,000 to 24,000). Variable costs will remain at $22 per pair of shoes. Management is impressed with Alice's ideas but concerned about the effects that these changes will have on the break-even point and the margin of safety.

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Kraslibbb : 1.Gathering and analyzing market information (give me some example of a company which increase its sales after getting customers feedback)
2.Product deigning and development (give me example of some brand which increase its sales after improving its product designing)
3. Standardization and Grading
4.Packaging and labelling
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spooppils : read about it here
open the second and sixth brown link
there for more info
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prieneupe : read about it here
open the first and fifth brown link
there for detail info
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LYxaasysyas : is it possible to use go daddy or something similar to make a professional website for our variety store? I currently have charter as my cable provider and was thinking about calling them for pricing but I really can't afford much right now so I thought maybe I could try first then if it didnt work out I could turn it over to a professional. I wonder though, how does a website get traffic? Is it determined by not only what I would sell but also the quality and the ease and the access? How do I ensure if I do go with a professional I am getting all of this?

I need a website that will host photos of the items we have for sell in our store, I take very good photos and can market them fairly well. I use to sell on Ebay but do not want to link my onsite store to that mess of a business:) Also, I would offer to sell online using paypal or google checkout. I suppose I would have at least 200/300 items or better to list in a given month; can someone give me some suggestions please. Again I dont have much money so that is why I am considering doing it myself but I dont know the steps I need to take. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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immekGive : I just started a Steam group (SPAM's Clan). I want to know this: What is the best way to advertise this?

Any help will be appreciated. If you have Steam, join my group at
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csyez028 : I need to catch a connecting flight through the EU. I have a South African passport, do I need a Schengen visa to be able to catch connecting flights in the EU? I am traveling from the UK to Joburg?
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messkaddy : South African passport holders are not subject to the Airport Transit Visa requirement. You can transit without visa provided that you:
• arrive from and depart to a non-Schengen country
• continue your journey to a third country on a connecting flight
• hold a ticket with confirmed seats for your next destination
• hold all documents required for your next destination
• have your luggage checked through to your final destination
• do not leave the airport transit area

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