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WHacostaZG : I got a job offer from canaxe solutions they say they are a direct marketing company but something seems fishy? Has anyone worked for them or heard of them. thankyou

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hymperolek : I'm trying to start a small metal craft business in south charleston, wv out of my garage. I don't have a business license because I haven't sold anything yet, I just got started. I need some way to advertise to see if people are actually interested in my work.
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LixZipLiemy : There are probably free online classified ads sites you could use, although the are more likely to charge for their services category, a completed object is more likely to fit into the free garage sale oriented sections, the biggest U.S. ads site is, is another.

If there is any possibility of publicizing a business address you would qualify to make a free Google Places Page, which is very easy to get seen for people searching your city.

try doing a Google search for:
metal worker, south charleston, wv
metal fabrication, south charleston, wv
sheet metal , south charleston, wv

The lettered stick pin symbols are Places Pages, hovering over the >> symbol brings up summary info and photos from the page.

You luckily don't have pages of competitors, only the first 7 fast food places make it onto page 1 of the results.
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attinkMatrerm : I advertise on craigslist, FB, And a few other free websites. I also will be sending out 2000 postcards to home in my town of my choice. There is alot of landscaping companys in my area, We need to stand out! HELP
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Veilepype : I would love advice on what marketing any massage therapist use. How about placing flyers on cars near where I practice massage? What about putting business cards in books at bookstores? What about flyers to houses? I tried advertising in magazines and that was costly and didn't get any calls.
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Boeolermep : Have you tried using car magnets? It's like stickers you put in car doors but won't leave any marks. Car magnets are reusable and are available in different sizes. Should you need one, check out some printing services online. Along with this, launch special price cuts and promotions. I'm sure it'll improve your sales.
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seettyDoums : If you indeed have a business address, be sure you get a free Google Places page, they are about the easiest way for people in your community to find you on the internet, including from their cell phone.

Try a google search for: massage, your city

The A-G lettered stick pin symbols are places pages.

In the U.S. there's online classified ads, they increased the validation requirements for some services after too many illicit operators were being promoted there.
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jajidmeu : 23rd August to the 2nd August

Cork to Reus (Barcelona) its €240 .00 per ticket
Cork to Girona (Barcelona) €218.00 per ticket

Which tickets do you think would be cheaper in May if i'm to book or does anyone know cheaper places in spain to fly to in August which i can book in may from cork Airport ? Thanks for any help ! :)
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progressall : I am confused about your travel dates. Before you book on Ryanair you should also check out Aer Lingus. They offer non-stop flights from Cork directly to Barcelona Airport (El Prat) and not to some airports called Barcelona but actually situated 95-105 kms (60-65 ms) out of Barcelona City. ..
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