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yangxh63o : I am thinking about making a website which offers free blogger templates, wordpress themes, html website themes, CMS templates, and other layouts for free...

If i put adsense and other ad network advertisements on my site and I make a lot of backlinks do you think i will earn money?

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sydney778 : yes you can ,

you can check sample of my website i did

check the above website , i did using CMS like wordpress, if you want to know any contact me on

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FalaGaildedayi : Add revenue from freebie seekers tends to be pretty low. Including warez content would disqualify the site from Adsense. A number of freebie sites with high volume, lower quality traffic sell banner space on, you might compare your plans with these sites.

Some make bigger template/theme money from footer ad links they incorporate in the designs. I saw a demonstration at a seminar where a site was temporarily given 3 million backlinks by the speaker with a quick change of dynamic code through his remote control panel.
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daunkwoorousa :
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qpeilamfyn : I will guess online marketing?

Both free organic search and "sponsored search result" PPC ads like Adwords rely on search keywords to select prospects, some phrases are associated with buying more than others, while any traffic is good traffic when it;s free, paid traffic campaigns mist carefully optimize the keyword usage an landing page for optimal conversion, A-B testing of design variations is pretty much essential to make a profitable PPC campaign. Matching ad copy and keywords to the lading page content helps get the best quality score, which lowers Adwords ad costs.

Besides making immediate sales some "Branding" ad campaigns are run primarily to get the product name into the public's consciousness, car and soda companies that don't even sell on the internet still advertise there, some studies have reported that up to 7 exposures to a brand name or product are needed to develop the familiarity some need before buying. Rather than paying for an action (clicks) a branding campaign is more likely to use CPM ads, paying a per 1000 impression rate instead.

Big time marketers make huge media but commitments, spending thousands of dollars a day to have their banner and text ads appear on major web sites. Careful testing and optimizing is essential when operating at those volumes.
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kukusyomok : This is what it looks like: I've edited it a few times after reading the rules... but someone keeps flagging it!!! :

Due to allergies I can no longer keep my abyssinian guinea pigs. I'm giving away the nursing mother (6-7 months old) and her three babies (born Nov 27). You'll need to separate the males from the mom at 3 weeks (December 17th). She was pregnant when I bought her - I'm not a breeder and these guinea pigs are NOT for sale.
1 Large Clean Living Playpen ($42.99)
1 Clean Living Playpen cover ($15.99)
2 Large 16 oz Water bottles ($4.49)
Igloo Hide ($5.99)
Large Snak Shak Hide Away ($19.99)
10 lbs Great Choice Guinea Pig Food ($8.99) -- Most is left
96 oz Timothy hay ($16.99) -- Over half left
1 Rollin' the Hay ($12.99)


New cage, supplies and food from Petsmart cost $132.91. Guinea Pigs at Petsmart sell for $35 each. If you were to buy everything from Petsmart the total would be $272.91 WITHOUT tax -- $294.74 with tax.

Everything goes for small adoption fee of $220 OR BEST OFFER to ensure the family goes to a good home.
Message me if interested. Cash only.

IN ADDITION -- I have an English (or American) male guinea pig about 2-3 months old. He can be adopted with or without his cage and supplies.
2 floor cage ($59.99)
With about 3 lbs food and 16 oz water bottle that came with the cage above

Bought from Petsmart - cost me $102.58 with tax.

He goes for a small adoption fee of $60 OR BEST OFFER to ensure he goes to a good home. That's the price of the cage alone....
If you have a cage setup and just want the guinea pig, $25 OR BEST OFFER.

It really makes me sad to have to let them go, but I need these guys gone by the end of the week!

Please feel free to message me at any time if you have questions or would like to make an offer! Include your name and phone number. I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

I can deliver or meet half way if you're far away.

Thanks for Looking! :-)

Please let me know what is wrong with it!! It'd be greatly appreciated... this is driving me mad.
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choolfrok : I know that you get money from advertising on your website from adsense or whatever it would be by clicks, but do yiu get money by just traffic? If yes and from what place would it be from? A place like adsense i mean. And whats the best place to go to with the best money giving by putting advertisements on your site. Thanks.
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inferveOnerve : you cant get money just by having traffic..

..your traffic must click or buy on something that you have on your site..

email for more info
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weiqoiu6a : I am merging some business travel with personal travel, so things are a bit weird.

My companies travel agency is booking me tickets from Trivandrum India back to the US with a 4 day layover in Frankfurt Germany. Then I booked using Orbits some round trip tickets from Germany to Madrid Spain.

The question is, since these are technically different bookings can I get the airport to set my luggage destination for Madrid or do I need to set it for Frankfurt get it from the baggage claim and then re-check it?

I have 2.5 hours in the Frankfurt Airport so I suspect I would be ok getting it out of the claim and then going back through but I really would prefer not to push it.
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arroraceags : Ar buckle, I have been in the same situation a few times, you have to re-check your luggage. Our government travel service had me in the same situation to return to Canada with a transit stop in Honolulu LAX, but I had a flight to Australia which I had to arrange personally. so I had to pick up and check in.
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