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AZAdrion : hello i want to buy advertising from this site but i am a rookie and i dont know, but i dont want lose my money help me please

the site is

they have very cheap prices
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Miztiessy : Those are about the lowest quality paid ads sources you will find, and some of the cheapest.

I saw a tutorial on 1/2 cent clicks that detailed the specialized strategies required to make any money with PTC ads, basically offering better paying work to these people clicking for pennies. This is not the sort of advertising you would want to use for conventional products.

PTC business often mix in shady, illegal activities like clicking Per Per Click ads to boost site revenues, intermixing real members with bot traffic.
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hiegululnenny : Hi Carlos, first of all u have to know if your target uses that page, because u are going to loose your money. I mean, i doesn't matter if the price is cheap, the thing that matters is the impact that is going to have your advertise in your target.

I'ts important to mention that many web pages offer u small prices, so i recommend u to search and make a little investigation of the web page u want to advertise.
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FLestesWP : Hi,
I am looking into doing some email marketing for my business. My list of emails is relatively small at the moment and these are made up of existing customers and enquires etc. I have tried searching at Google, sorry Yahoo and going through website after website to get emails but it is taking ages.
My web designer gave me some software to help but it is so complicated that I am still no further on.
Please any help in this area would be great.
Many thanks
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Joseph Qk : Try MailChimp
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vdkm6b18 : Hi Sharon
I am not totally surprised by what you are saying about that email harvesting software your web guy gave you, there are lots out that are way to complicated and just don't work.
The software I use lets you do a complete search and save plus use the data completely free, so worries about wasting money on duff software.
When you first install the software it pops up a wizard that guides you through the process but it is really just typing in one box, so not rocket science.
If you are looking for thousands of email addresses then you can import a merge list which will increase the number of searches done.
Try it and I will be shocked if it doesn't work you.
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criffwaisse : planning? I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude but I can't seem to get a clear understanding of the difference between marking and strategic planning.
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Messcasehax : Strategic planning involves all aspects of a company's operations - internal and external.
It considers whether the company will need new buildings, equipment, employees, product lines, expansion, everything.

Marketing involves all aspects of putting your products into customers' hands.
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zimpotencer : Strategy is simply more. Marketing is just a part of it. Making a plan will help to make decisions how and where to place your Marketing (Advertisements).

If you don't have a strategy, your marketing might end up in nowhere with no one who buys.

Short but that's it.
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yexiyexi019 : I am trying to gather information on affiliating marketing like in this we sell products allowed by company on sites like click banks by which we get commission. I want to know if this work like an MLM industry, we made a sale and get 20%, Does our upline will also get any kind of commission like in MLM industry. Does this have any relation with the mlm or we all work individually or get individual profits. I hope you understand what I am asking here.
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