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indiananimator :

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yexiyexi019 : I am looking fore bargains for computers and suff, and i saw this ad on telly. claiming an average of 95% off? And showing this guy got an imac for 50$ is it legit? oh and may i add that i am in australia so will that make any difference?
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Alexander_john : These penny auction sites have been compared to gambling casinos, the house actually rakes in more than the retail price of the item sold, despite the ridiculously low selling prices in the ads the suck in the customers. There are the lucky winners, but for every winner there are several losers with nothing to show for the non refundable bids they put in. Some participants have pointed out you can make something of your bid commitment using some buy now option.

If you like the excitement of putting some money at risk, perhaps their $60 signup fee is safer than doing it with online poker.

Quibids appears to be the largest of the penny auctions, by responding to customer complaints, most of which are about the $60 signup fee being overlooked, they manage to maintain a BBB (Better Business Bureau) A- rating.
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NerabetribBot :
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Toomadyettasy : Create your Ad sense account as it gives you access to advertise your business to many Google affiliated sites.
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esyez044 : Hi, im currently taking marketing, i am in my last year of highschool, i never chose to be in this course but i had no choice, so i have to try my best but im struggling, long story short i have an assignment where i have to make a market plan ive got a product that im introducing i have an executive summary, and so on...... im stuck on the action progammes the product i chose is jones soda. Basically the budgets section of the plan cosists of 3 items

this is wat i need help with... needed
state a rough estimate of how much money you will need to start a production and marketing of this product and a brief description of where you will get the money?

2.expected revenue
state a general figure for expected sales for each of your first 3 years.?

3.expected expenses
list the 3 major items which will make up a large part of your costs or expenses?

Please someone help me this project is due soon and im just stuck in this part.
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SpitlYslowito : Hello! So I'm traveling with my school band to the Caribbean in a week, and I forged a question that my instructor didn't seem to understand.
So here it is. We bandies who play flute, clarinet, oboe, and anything relatively small, are supposed to bring our instruments as a carry-on, not in our checked suitcases. So I know my flute will go thru fine. On our info sheet, it states we are allowed one carry-on item and a smal purse. But what they don't specify is this. Is my flute my carry-on item, or can my flute go inside my carry-on bag?
I was at first planning on bringing a small duffel bag, putting my flute and a change of clothes plus other misc stuff inside it, and then bringing a small purse to put under the seat. But now I'm doubting that. Does anyone have any idea? Sorry this is so long but nobody really seems to understand my question!!! Please help!!!
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EduKui-Heru : Of course you may do that. No one will care in the least that there is a flute inside your carry on bag. Perfectly acceptable.

I usually take a carry on size suitcase and a backpack. Inside both of those are various other smaller containers, bags, and other things.

The security people are concerned about finding weapons and items that could damage the aircraft or endanger the people in it. That is not something you could do with a flute.
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quegoglenossy : Well yes you carry flute in your bag
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EffodoGob : Yes, you can do this. I was on a flight from Washington to Denver just after the inauguration and one of the bands that performed on the flight was also aboard. Several of the members of that band did the same thing.

You may want to make sure the flute is at the top of the bag so you can take it out easily if security wants to do a visual inspection of the bag, but you won't have any problem with the flute.
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