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rbjarmkgxvvw :

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esyez044 : I Need the piroxicam injection brands,diclofenac brands with their offers given in the market some one please help me in getting the details
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2qot54rt74o : I am only an instore, but I'm switching to a Papa John's that sells less volume than the one I was at, so I wanted to get some accounts with some schools, or something like that. Either send coupons home with kids at elementary schools, like a pizza, breadsticks, and a 2 liter for $20 or something like that. So we get business, but are still giving out the deal our customers appreciate. Either that idea, or have them buy a card in the store that is a buy one get one plastic card, like a gift card kind of, valid for 6 months, purchased for $20. These are my ideas, please post yours :) I would appreciate it so very much.
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Obseshach : I support'll do the best!go go go!

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2qot54rt74o : And that describes one or more of it's important uses
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KWSteven : My first time flying, here are the details:
-Night Flight
-direct flight
-4 and a half hours
-teenage girl
- international flight
- not allowed electronics
- trying to pack as light as possible
- it would be nice if I could fit it in a normal sized backpack.
Flight is at 3:00 am! UGGHHHH so what type of stuff should I bring to get comfy in the airport? And also, After the flight I have a 7 hour car ride down a bumpy dirt road :) So anything for the car ride would be nice too. I also need to bring my flute and should that go in my carry on or checked luggage?
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nztjqvbovxna : Bring anything you will need to be able to get to in your carry on. If your flute is extremely expensive and you are worried about it getting lost if your bags get proccessed wrong, bring it with you. Bring a book, hair ties (if your hair annoys you a lot), a water bottle, an extra jacket, and maybe even string and beads to make a bracelet or something on the plane to keep you busy.
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agobeTaulge : I fly frequently, this is what I ususally pack, give or take a few things:

-ALL Money
-Underwear (especially if it is a long flight)
-Pen (For the customs form)
-Gum (buy once you're through security, helps with popping ears)
-Small blanket or jumper for if you sleep or get cold.

For you flute, get a hard case (if you don't have one already) I take my flute with me on the plane.
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