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MerryBabi : Is there any classified site which the ads posted can be viewed by people from around the world?

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orgaphocuroto : Hello guys and girls! I want to know how to earn money from a blog.

I've visited quite a few blogs where there are ads and i ask myself how does it work?

What are the requirements for earning money?

Any hints for gettin some money outta internet?

How to tag stuff in a way that will result on the first google search list?

Thanks on advance and of course, 10 Points for the most complete answer. Here ya go!
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Effitswes : you can put the adsense in your blog.
Make adsense account and Google to give the adsense for your blog and put them on blog for earning as much as you can. :)
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phygieple : This is a marketing survey for my senior project at Penn State University. I need general feedback from anyone willing to spend a few minutes to help me out.

Here's the link:

Your responses will be collected by the website.

And also please leave any feedback you have below and I will choose one for best answer.

Your help is very much appreciated.
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lummnhkswcaax : Maybe I'm dense, but I don't understand how to answer the "How often do you use headphones" question.
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kehokimeFop : I'm wanting to start a wedding floral business, and I'm looking to get the word of my business out there. A cheap and/or free way would be great. I put an ad on Craigslist in my city, and I've had only one person reply. Any ideas would be great!
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WenBahefforne : Hello All,

Im in a dilemma, I have a flight from Chicago to Karachi -

ORD (United) - IAD (United)- DXB (Fly Dubai) - KHI (28th March)

and Return

KHI(Fly Dubai) - Dubai (Lufhthansa) - Munich (Lufthansa) - ORD (29th April)

Now Q1 -

I have a layover at Dubai for 7 Hours and Transit is only allowed for 8 Hours Plus - Is there any way i can apply for transit or visit visa to roam around dubai on my layover.


Now if i want to just go to London LHR from KHI - Can i book another flight Via Turkish and visit london and then go to Munich to catch my connecting flight to Chicago on 29th April.


Can i come to dubai early from Karachi and then take my assigned flight of Lufthansa on 29th April


If i cancel my whole return leg - can i ask United to just issue me a ticket from LHR - ORD instead of KHI-DXB-MUC-ORD?

Im a premier Star alliance member and have been flying for quite sometime but i havent had so many uncertainites on my travels before - Hence Please Respond :)

Thanks in advance
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hNm1uEwl : To answer your questions in order:

1) Assuming that you are a US citizen, you can obtain a visitor visa for up to 30 days upon arrival at DXB for no charge. You will, in all likelihood, need to obtain this visa in order to leave the airport.

2) If you skip any leg of your flight, all remaining legs are automatically cancelled. You would not be able to simply fly from KHI to LHR and then expect to pick up your ticket where you left off.

3) Again, if flying from DXB to KHI early causes you to miss any portion of your ticket, then you will find that the remainder of the ticket will be automatically cancelled. If you are asking about whether you can change the ticket you already have to fly earlier between these two cities, you'll need to contact United directly to see whether your fare rules allow it and what the cost is, if any.

4) Whether UA will reissue the ticket for you depends on whether your original ticket allows changes or not. If your original ticket allows changes, then expect that UA will require the entire ticket to be repriced, meaning you will be paying the applicable change fee plus any difference in fare between what was originally purchased and the cost of the new ticket.

To get a more specific answer to the fourth question, you will need to contact United directly.
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