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voitrolovon : I need to find the best online places to post free ads in South Africa, for a new business.

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carliferates : Hope this helps:,n,selectCategory.htm - problem with spam!!
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theomarttes12ezr : Here are following site who is related with this question.
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OthefShoratte : Go for free classified ad sites in south africa
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loyalsecils : - this is the best site
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lsophiaj : Hi

there are so many site in which you can post you ads in S. A. But i feel that this is a good website which provide the traffic as well query for our business so try to this first and then go for others.

Hope this will be helpful to you.
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WHacostaZG : I got a job offer from canaxe solutions they say they are a direct marketing company but something seems fishy? Has anyone worked for them or heard of them. thankyou
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Rhimibymn : What company was this ad for:

Two boys are arm wrestling for the last bit of juice left in the pitcher. When the winner turns to take the juice, he sees the sister with an empty glass and she says "I love you"
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PogeSoroobete : I'm looking for a girl to do some porn videos with me. I have the budget and plans all worked out, but I need the girl. Where would be a good place for me to advertise it?
It would also be better if the site was free.
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roinemanath : try this site (i've used it):
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