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EmakyRageerak : I'm looking for website revenue for small to medium sized websites whose main source of revenue is advertising. How much do they make?

My mission is to estimate revenues for a niche business that expects 500,000 unique visits per months, with each visitor browsing on average of 7 pages per visit.

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LYxaasysyas : read about it here
open the second and sixth green link
there for more info
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upncfwgc : Check it out.
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yangxh63o : I am thinking about making a website which offers free blogger templates, wordpress themes, html website themes, CMS templates, and other layouts for free...

If i put adsense and other ad network advertisements on my site and I make a lot of backlinks do you think i will earn money?
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sydney778 : yes you can ,

you can check sample of my website i did

check the above website , i did using CMS like wordpress, if you want to know any contact me on

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FalaGaildedayi : Add revenue from freebie seekers tends to be pretty low. Including warez content would disqualify the site from Adsense. A number of freebie sites with high volume, lower quality traffic sell banner space on, you might compare your plans with these sites.

Some make bigger template/theme money from footer ad links they incorporate in the designs. I saw a demonstration at a seminar where a site was temporarily given 3 million backlinks by the speaker with a quick change of dynamic code through his remote control panel.
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dvzevndl : I haven't seen the ads as I'm not in town. I was informed of their existence from a friend.

The ads contain cartoony figures.

Thanks in advance for any help given
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yangxh63o : They are loaded with links and ads which we all know draw in clicks by the 50 cent piece. How much do you think they are pulling in per little news headliner? $15,000 - $30,000?
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tomn067 : We are looking for a holiday at the end of may, we are wanting to go for sun, not too expensive but not overcrowded which may mean not a large chain hotel company, we would like nearish to an airport so its not a huge treck after we land, we have a 13 year old son so near a waterpark would be great. We know we will leave the hotel for whiles at a time to explore but dont want somewhere so busy we feel we cant find our own little corner to relax because obviously we cant be away from the hotel all the time, we like the idea of quaint and queit as long as its within walking distance to a beach and sites, eg places to eat etc as well

i know thats a lot but would be good to be answered by someone who has been to turkey a lot
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sydney778 : Search for Bodrum.
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