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urbawibbona : I need to advertise my website over the internet for free. Are there any places where I can legally do such?

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VRudikon : Facebook.
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stemfft : read about it here
open the second and fifth green link there
on right side for detail info
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AZAdrion : hello i want to buy advertising from this site but i am a rookie and i dont know, but i dont want lose my money help me please

the site is

they have very cheap prices
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Miztiessy : Those are about the lowest quality paid ads sources you will find, and some of the cheapest.

I saw a tutorial on 1/2 cent clicks that detailed the specialized strategies required to make any money with PTC ads, basically offering better paying work to these people clicking for pennies. This is not the sort of advertising you would want to use for conventional products.

PTC business often mix in shady, illegal activities like clicking Per Per Click ads to boost site revenues, intermixing real members with bot traffic.
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hiegululnenny : Hi Carlos, first of all u have to know if your target uses that page, because u are going to loose your money. I mean, i doesn't matter if the price is cheap, the thing that matters is the impact that is going to have your advertise in your target.

I'ts important to mention that many web pages offer u small prices, so i recommend u to search and make a little investigation of the web page u want to advertise.
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ptvfsayhoguq : I need to come up with a new company name that is original yet easy to understand what we do.

Location: Playas del coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

We do: Property administration (cont ability, property inspections, supervise when working are in the condo or house ), maintenance (Offer our contacts and help with big maintenance, small things we take care of it), customer service, we are rental agents (Check in check outs, emails pictures and inventory plus air port pick ups and drop offs), offer some advertising to rent condos.

Our competition names: Milagro's rentals, Coco maintenance, Sunset Properties, Colwell banker, Remax 3 amigos, Pam's real state and property management...

Thank you for your help!!
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Jessica59 : the best name is the wrhthy,,and these are the begings of phase we are here to help you..
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AZAdrion : I need suggestions about my site if it needs any improvments please help my site is

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expahReal : and don't fancy a long drive, and
apart from being quieter and slower paced, how does it differ from mainland UK? Thanks
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