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Enginisseve : are there any

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indiananimator :
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EXmira : In my town theres definitely a market for detailing cars, There are a couple places that do it but we would go cheaper then all of em. We'd be doing standard wash/polish/wax wheel and tire cleaing and window treatment standard, with an option of complete interior detail for a little more money. Problem is we're both 18 and not sure how to sell the idea of people letting us take their car for a couple days and detail it. All of the cars would probably be detailed in my garage at home. The products were using arent in question, its all good stuff. Its just a matter on how to sell people to use us. Heres a link of a site i just made up, it shows the finished product of my own car that i waxed taken off of my cell phone though so not sure how clear it looks.
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Etepsips : You will probably have to do the initial detailing at the owners site to gain confidence until you can rent an automotive retail location. You should also get some commercial liability insurance to cover any accidents or damage you may cause to a vehicles paint or interior. Good Luck on your endeavor and don't get discouraged in the initial development stage.
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KepaffipS :
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EmakyRageerak : I have a flight departing from Ataturk International Airport back to the US, departing very early (6:15am). Since it's an international flight, we'd have to arrive at the airport around 4:15am. The hotels in the area do not provide airport shuttle service that early. Could we trust a taxi service? Are there any other options other than walking? Thanks in advance!
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