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vdkm6b18 : can any one gives me classified websites?. because i'm working online job (ad posting).if yes! plz send me on u r job worker! am very thankful to you!

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rbjarmkgxvvw :
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securityua : I need to make a presentation on this specific retail stores and I was wondering if you could help me out with some more info about their Target Market and how do they achieve that? What means do they use in order to attract that specific market and how efficient is it?

Thanks in advance! Every answer will be much appreciated!
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JetWonnaroalt : I have a website of mine listed on DMOZ. I have heard a lot about DMOZ as it gives the website a very high authority link and Google like it.

When I look behind various backlink software I use it shows my DMOZ link as a Page Rank 0 yet when I click on that very link and it opens up the exact page my website is listed on it is a PR8.

Google Chrome SEO Plugin, SEO Firefox and the Google PR Tool all give it a PR8 yet according Majestic SEO it is only a PR0. Why is this?

I am curious to find out as I listed my website on there to achieve a high PR backlink.

Thank You
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cskc8057 : I hope all other tools rather than Majestic SEO is showing correct result. So there may be some bugs with the Majestic SEO tool itself.

You don't need to worry much about the problem as there is no problem actually!
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Allonapyboalm : A listing on DMOZ can never have a PR of 8 as your link appears in way too deep internal page.

The best way to check the PR of the DMOZ page is to check it using
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Prongedge : For article marketing and SEO, I would recommend using
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cronsonia : I drove around there (yes, I actually did) and I noticed a lot of places looked like they were straight from arabian nights or something. I really felt like I was in morocco or somewhere for a bit instead of the us. Yes, we all know how bad it is over there but why does it have such unusual architecture?
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LincExcexia : It was purposely designed that way.

The area was originally named by the Native Americans “Opa-tisha-worka-locka” meaning “a big island covered with many trees and swamps” but the name was quickly shorten to Opa-locka. The City was developed based on the Arabian Nights theme which is evident by the large collection of Moorish architecture throughout the city and with street names like Sabur, Sultan, Ali Baba, Sharazad, Aladdin and Sesame. Glen Curtiss and architect, Bernhardt Muller, built 105 buildings with an array of domes, minarets and outside staircases. By the time Mr. Curtiss completed his vision for Opa-locka he had built a self-contained city with a hotel, zoo park, golf course, archery club, swimming pool, airport, and train station.
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