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Sleeryrub : I'm doing this project for my class and I need to come up with a good perceptual map for The new HTC Flyer tablet I basically have to Identify my competitors and be honest about both their
strengths and weaknesses in your marketing. A good perceptual map is a
good way to accomplish this please help I really need this.....

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Tevyemalm : I ran away from blogger and went to from wordpress to just to find out that i can't put any ads on my site/blog. Any alternative?
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torgonitoh :

and many other blog hosting website out there
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kixtrarie :
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booriiss :
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Miztiessy : It's made of glass
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Sleeryrub : Here's a daytime photo of it as seen from the airport

Here's a night photo I shot from the seventh floor of the MGM Grand parking garage

It looks black but Wikipedia says it's "dark bronze glass"
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FriendSam : Black.
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Gonrersebesee : Looks black to me when I've seen it.
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Veignibrottor : It looked like black to me
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