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DumsmegeQuego : Define how direct mail marketing differs from e-mail marketing

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Musfoenue : Takes longer (design then print), email is pretty immediate plus its interactive so you get immediate feedback (from open rates to click thru to responses) and cos its real time you can adjust it as you go.DM costs more as you have to do the design, test, production and mailing.
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songzhang225 : I am pretty good at Photoshop and designing image's myself, and I got a small task from my brother to see how I could make one for a company he works for. He said it will put onto his bosses truck, and I want to know what size for a png or a psd that I can use for it. I dont know how or what they use to do this, so I would like a answer from somebody who might have done this before, or works for a company like this.
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biorbslorie : I have been a freelance web designer for some time now and have mostly used Gumtree to advertise my services. This has always proved successful in the past, but the last few times I have posted paid-for featured ads, I have received barely any responses. I want to know of any other good places online that I can advertise and actually receive some enquiries and, ideally, some work! Many thanks.
P.S. Please bear in mind that I am in the UK, so American websites are no good to me.
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mmmbbbffff : try Tumblr
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AstesgogNedh : You could do with joining a business based forum. Become an active member with a good reputation. Don't spam but make sure your signature is to your website and try to find topics that are related to website designing. Most businesses like to own a website!

Here's a Google search to get you started:

Secondly, join a forum for the software you use to create the websites. If you can give really helpful answers to support posts, people will notice that you are quite handy with software and can make really good websites. It will build on your business' reputation too.

I'm a website designer too and forums have always worked for me!
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copmenoWoma : Google adwords

may be a little expensive but it will bring in many leads
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melekdajre : Google Adwords is the way to go. People think it is expensive, but if you set up your PPC campaign correctly it doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. Another viable option is Facebook marketing. They have more customization options as opposed to Adwords, allowing you to narrow down your target demographic a bit more. There many companies around the world that specialize in online marketing and PPC advertising. You might want to look into hiring out. I have had some success in the past with, but my niche was not nearly as competitive as web design. Good luck my friend.
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Jamesgos : Targeting local businesses certainly has it's advantages, though we all don't care to cold call or perhaps even talk to clients face to face, the edge you have being local to then is a big plus, you can also win word of mouth referrals. Some offer free evaluations or free Google Places page setups to get their foot in the door.

I would think free classified ads sites would be worthwhile, by the way you can also advertise for sales representatives there, offer them a fair chunk with the assumption that you get maintenance and upsell money to yourself later on.

The expense of PPC ads with Adwords, Yahoo-Bing or Facebook might be justifiable with proper geo targeting of most likely prospects.

You can pickup freelance sort of work with ads in Webmaster, Internet Marketing forums, or freelancer sites like rentacoder, scriptlance,, these would not be great for building a company track record.
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csyez029 : So I have an idea for a product which is featured on a tv show already. I figure I already gave free advertising and there are even t-shirts out there I necked and this thing does not exist in real life, it is not trademarked, and the website was available until I godaddy'ed it.

Can I trademark the name and logo and just run with it as my own product? Can the network come after me? Can they win of they do?
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