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jacquelinerarmstrongg : Im a stylist and have clients with thinning hair that usually wear hair weaves to cover these areas, however they would like to wear their natural hair. The salon also has two barbers in which many men are thinning or balding also. I found a product that gives the illusion of hair in those areas, so i ordered one bottle just to see how it works. If I like it I would like to market it. I mentioned the product to one of my thinning clients and I told her that I would more than likely sell the product, and she made the statement that I should use it on my clients that need it, but I want to market it if does what it promises to do. Or if I did use it on clients without them purchasing it from me, I should add this as a service right? But I think I would profit more selling the product itself. Any suggestions?

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Boeolermep : first of all you should start banner ads at small scale for continuity of revenue. Analise your return on investment and measure key performance indicator. Implement other for digital marketing techniques.
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GGYGYG : Ron Popeil the infomercial king sold GLH spray on hair replacement in the 90s.

There have been many jokes made about it.

Perhaps your selling it to clients on the same shelf as hair gell and shampoo, would start with a free demonstration.
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Effelpquofe : I am taking a grade 11 marketing course and i am really confused and could you a little help on these two ?s

I choose the product xbox 360 from microsoft. i am trying to grab the attention of females and trying to get females to buy the xbox 360 and be interested in it!

1. What method can you use to advertise on t.v and internet.?


2. Change the target makers for the product and show how the for p's ( product, price, place, and promotion, ) must be revised.

thanks for your help
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goodevry12 : Think about some of the biggest trends occurring in the social, economic, technological, competitive and regulatory forces right now. Select two forces and discuss their potential impact on marketing today, in 5 years and in 10 years.
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Byhopynep : For my marketing class, we have to analyze and present a solution to a marketing case study. This is the case study I was given:

"You are to assume the role of account executive at SUNBURST ADVERTISING AGENCY. The CEO of your local Chamber of Commerce has asked you to create a public information campaign to address the issue of pets in public establishments.

Local health ordinances exclude pets, with the exception of service animals, from food and beverage establishments. Recently, more and more people have been bringing their small pets with them into bars and restaurants. Although the ordinances have been in place for a long time, they have never been strenuously enforced. Parallel to this trend has been the number of complaints to the local Chamber of Commerce from health officials, business owners and community leaders. The Chamber has asked SUNBURST AGENCY to create a public information campaign that will remind the community of the health and safety ordinances without offending pet owners."

I cannot for the life of me think of an effective campaign that would work for this!! any ideas? thanks in advance :)
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koaggezhhfxo : I have an email database of 970 million email ids.
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Riveprieweend : Looking for a flight number that left Manchester 07/08/2010 to go to Kos.
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IrrineeFurf : is too long ago I think
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yangxh63o : Try this site:
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